Nimue Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Recently I was fortunate to visit a lovely local salon, The Skin Studio, for a Nimue Skin Resurfacing treatment. The owner, Denique, is a bubbly, friendly lady who really knows her stuff when it comes to all things skincare (Unlike me, I’m sad to say. My poor skin doesn’t get the red carpet treatment very often!)

Now if you’re at all like me your facial treatment knowledge is very limited, so I had very little idea what to expect. Denique started off the time giving me some valuable information on skincare products / routines and helping me to learn more about the condition of my skin.

The Nimue Skin Resurfacing Treatment is designed to remove the damaged outer layer of the skin and stimulate the epidermal growth. The treatment itself is not very lengthy and the best part about is your skin feels instantly incredible (And even better the next day…). Actually the other best part is you can walk out the salon not looking like a red-faced alien (Like some other facial treatments).

What are the benefits of the Nimue Skin Resurfacing treatment?

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face around the mouth and eye area.
  • Smooths rough skin texture
  • Minimize / closes enlarged pores
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Treats skin concerns such as acne, aging and hyper-pigmentation.

Nimue has become a household brand in South Africa, known for it’s medical approach to product development. Their new generation derma-cosmeceutical skin treatment offers products that innovatively deliver advanced active ingredients derived from biotechnology and natural sources for effective skin rejuvenation.

Be sure to read more about this amazing local brand at their website or find one of their affiliated salons here.

I certainly feel more inspired to take better care of my skin going forward. Ladies, I know that M.A.C. highlighter is a must (belieeeeve me, I know!) but if we can try put away each month a little towards our skin I just know our future selves will thank us for us. I think it’s safe to say a good complexion wins against well done makeup.

I’ll keep you updated on the condition of my skin in the weeks to come!




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