I tried Collagen Lift Paris for a month and here’s what I thought!

We all want glowy, healthy looking skin, don’t we? There’s a myriad of products, procedures, things to do, things not to do out there. It can get a little overwhelming where to begin! If anything I’m learning, it’s about getting back to basics and focusing on healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and working with your skin. Nourishing it, developing a great skincare routine and understanding what it needs. This year I’ve been focusing a lot more on my skincare routine, and am happier with my complexion than I’ve been in ages. One of the recent things I’ve incorporated is Collagen Lift Paris, and I’m looking forward to sharing a little more with you about this product!

If you catch up with my blog regularly, you’ll know that this year I decided to make critical changes to my skincare. Last week, I spoke about incorporating Vitamin C and the improvements I have seen. This week I am sharing about using drinkable collagen from Collagen Lift Paris.

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What is Collagen Lift Paris?

Collagen Lift Paris is a drinkable collagen supplement that is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles. It also assists to increase skin elasticity and mositure, as well as restore plumpness.

Made in France, its formula contains a powerful combination of Verisol® Bioactive Collagen, Ulva Mediterranea seaweed (Ulvaline®, harvested in the South of France) as well as Vitamin C.

The product aims to:

  • Increase skin hydration
  • Strengthen your nails
  • Increase the collagen in your body.

Why is Collagen Important?

Collagen is a protein that is the single most abundant structural component in the body. It provides the matrix that sustains the body’s form and more specifically it provides firmness, elasticity and structure to the skin. “Our natural collagen production slows down from our early 20s by 1-1.5% every year. by the time you turn 50, most individuals will have lost about 50% of the collagen in your skin.” (Taken from skin expert, Dr Banwell),

What happens when we start to lose collagen?

As collagen is lost, we begin to see the tell-tale signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin and dullness.

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How does Collagen Lift Paris work?

I know there are many drinkable collagens out there, but not all of them are created equal! Collagen Lift Paris is formulated with Verisol® Collagen. Verisol® is easily absorbed by the digestive system and made readily available to the skin (1). This makes it possible to increase the total body collagen and reverse the signs of ageing in the skin

Collagen Lift Paris is also formulated with Ulva Mediterranea seaweed and Vitamin C. Ulva Mediterranea not only stimulates collagen production, but also provides the skin with essential amino acids, antioxidants and minerals. Using Ulva Mediterranea has been shown to be soothing for dry and irritated skin. Vitamin C is essential in assisting the production of collagen within the dermis. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant that scrubs the cells of free radicals.

Remember, this is no “quick fix” – results will take a while. So be patient and consistent! Collagen Lift say visible improvement can be seen within 3-6 weeks of daily intake.

How to take it

You take one collagen ampule every morning in a glass of water or juice, on an empty stomach. Super simple! If you’re sensitive to taste, it really doesn’t taste bad at all! I’m one of those people who don’t enjoy weird tastes or textures, but I honestly enjoyed the taste. To me, it almost had a slightly peachy-juice flavour.

Powders vs. Liquids

Collagen products can either be bought as a liquid or solid.  However, dermatologists recommend a liquid over a solid [2]. As opposed to collagen peptides in powders and capsules, correctly-sized peptide molecules in a liquid supplement form have the advantage of being pre-dissolved and hydrated in water, further increasing their efficiency.

Collagen Lift Paris Topknotch Blog

How my skin has been since using Collagen Lift Paris

Since I am 26, I don’t have any major wrinkles yet, I can’t really comment so much on changes seen there. I also think to see changes with wrinkles one might need to use this product on more a longer term basis. But, what I can comment on is the texture of my skin. It’s much more glowy and smooth than usual. The appearance looks hydrated and plump. I actually had several friends gaze at my skin and ask “what’s different? Your skin looks really great!” – who doesn’t love a compliment like that! And this has all been throughout winter, where one’s skin typically would look a little more dry and lacklustre. Secondly, I’m also a lot happier with how my foundation is looking on my skin – it looks really smooth!

I think incorporating this drinkable collagen in with a solid skincare routine can really give your skin a great boost. It really goes hand in hand with a skincare routine. With your skin, how it looks is often a direct result of what you are putting in. That’s referring to healthy eating habits, good lifestyle choices (getting enough sleep, not drinking too much alcohol) and getting enough exercise. Using a product like Collagen Lift Paris can be viewed in a similar way- an added weapon you are using in your fight against ageing.

Collagen Lift Paris has two variations – the Black Box (original) and the Red Carpet. The Red Carpet variation includes Hyalauronic Acid,  which is fantastic for hydration and maintaining skin elasticity.



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  1. Elizabeth Seal
    August 27, 2018 / 10:39 pm

    This sounds so interesting, I had never heard of this product before! Loved reading your thoughts on it, you have definitely convinced me haha, it sounds so lovely for skin and love that it doesn’t taste bad like supplements I have tried 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

  2. September 11, 2018 / 11:06 am

    This looks really interesting! I’ve been wondering about them, what sort of impact they can make. Glad you had good results, even though you could not test the wrinkle claims.

  3. Mpume Xulu
    July 29, 2019 / 12:33 am

    I just started using it and I already feel my skin is hydrated and smother. I love my skin more than anything I’m really Happy

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