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Summer is upon us and that can only mean great things! So I am a HUGE fan of summer and everything that goes with it! I’m talking beach days, day hikes, ice creams and watching sunsets. Warm weather and me goes together like a bomb. Why not take your summer swim days to the next level with Spurt swimming gear!

win with spurt topknotch

As you guys know I’ve just started a summer series on things to do around Cape Town and one of the major drawcards to this city is the amazing beaches and pools to swim! (You can read more about my recent trip to Muizenberg beach here). Even though I only swim recreationally, swimming is actually an excellent sport for weight loss and toning. This is because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water and that requires lots of energy. Additionally, swimming is also great for anyone who has injuries because it is a low impact sport. And lastly –  swimming is a full body workout! Personally I’m starting to plan my 2018 goals and picking up swimming could be one to add to my list.

Also, for those of you feeling a bit stressed out, swimming is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress.

I’m always a huge fan of local brands and Spurt South Africa have you covered with their top quality swimming gear so ladies now is your chance to enter. Best of all it’s super simple to enter:

Follow them on Facebook and comment on my page photo with “done”

Follow them on Instagram and comment on the giveaway post on my page saying “done”

spurt swimming gear win with topknotch

Win with Topknotch and Spurt – It’s time to swim!

So ladies whose keen to start a new hobby in 2018 and begin swimming? I’m keen! Enter and let me know below!

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