Get your gorgeous locks back with Biosense Spoil Her Oil

One thing that I am unfortunately NOT known for is soft, perfectly wavy tresses. Man oh man I really wish I was. I think from years of highlighting my hair, some parts are really dry and coarse. Also, because my hair is that delightful medium between curly and straight it can easily look unkempt. And did I mention my hair is also extremely thick? Now I know some people struggle with thin hair and would relish the idea of thick hair – but I think both sides have their negatives. Something I’ve always found helps my hair when I use it is hair oils on my tips. Luckily Biosense really made me feel like a princess this Valentines day and spoilt me with a luxe bottle of their Biosense Spoil Her Oil enriched with Xiamenia Oil.

So this little baby is a hair oil and is suitable for all types. The new Biosense Spoil Her Oil adds shine and lustre to dull and damaged hair leaving it rich, thick and silky. According to Biosense, the product is formulated to improve your hair structure. This is done with the help of Ximenia Oil. Now to be honest before I saw this product I had never heard of Ximenia Oil in my life. So I researched a bit and found it Ximenia is a tree with a fruit which has been used for decades for improving dry skin and hair.  Ximenia fruits are also apparently super rich in Vitamin C.  It is particularly popular as a massage treatment for dry and chapped skin.

The Biosense Spoil Her Oil came in some gorgeous Valentines packaging – I’m really a sucker for cute packaging!

biosense spoil her oil topknotch blog

Biosense Spoil Oil with super cute Valentines packaging!

My hair probs (besides horrendous regrowth!:))

  • Frizz
  • Dry / split ends
  • Knots
  • General thick bush-i-ness

First Impressions of the Biosense Spoil Her Oil

Okay so my first thought was the pretty scent – it’s soft, pretty and not too overpowering. It also leaves your hair with a very slight scent throughout the day which I loved. I also felt the texture was quite nice- not too sticky at all. It’s also pretty lightweight and absorbs very quickly into your hair. Not sure if I’m imagining it but it felt like it worked as a bit of a detangler – my hair felt easier to brush than normal.

Yes, this product definitely helped my ends not to feel so dead and dry. I’ve actually been touching my ends randomly because I’m not used to them being so soft. This has inspired me to definately give my hair a little bit of extra love – I have to admit I really neglect it. (I mean in comparison to how much time and money I spend on makeup products).


100ml retails for R250


Apply to wet, dry or damp hair from mid lengths to ends and do not rinse off. Style as usual – blowdry / hair straighten.

I just left my hair to naturally air dry and I must say I noticed a huge difference in texture and frizz. My hair felt much softer than usual and looked less frizzy. Yay!


Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Isopropyl, Myristate, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Shinziophyton Rautanenii Kernel Oil, Adansonia Digitata, Ximenia American Seed Oil, Parfume / Fragrances

biosense spoil her oil topknotch blog

Wondering about all the different types of hair oils?

Cosmo actually wrote on article explaining some of the popular types of hair oils and their difference uses. Check out their article here for some more information.

So I’ll definately use this product on a continual basis and also will apply next time I style my hair and let you guys know what I think! Please let me know if you have any hair care must haves- I think it’s time I gave my hair some extra attention.


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