Escape the city bustle to Vineyard House – A dreamy, secluded Airbnb on a vineyard!

South Africa truly is a wonderful place. I was recently reminded of this on a recent quick getaway we took just on the other side of the Cape Town area. When I moved to Cape Town last year, I had many glorious plans of exploring every corner of the Western Cape. Well, life happens as we all know. I’ve hardly gotten anywhere outside the city centre! (Granted, the city centre has a LOT to explore!) But last weekend, I finally got to explore a new area and let me tell you -man was it dreamy! And when you discover an Airbnb that serene – it’s only fair to share! Enter the Vineyard House, a secluded Airbnb outside Cape Town. When I shared some photos on my Instagram, I got an overwhelming amount of messages asking for some more information about this gorgeous spot.

Vineyard House

Vineyard House Cape Town

So this little spot is located somewhere outside Worcester on a vineyard. According to their directions, they tell you about twenty minutes before you arrive you will lose your cellphone reception. So, in a day of Google Maps, you have to follow their written directions to find the house. This was actually harder for us than we thought! One gets so used to just using their cellphone to get them to a location. But, we actually loved finding the place using their directions. And, going to a place without cellphone reception is bliss in itself.

Don’t mind me – I’ll just be out here reading my books and drinking coffee / wine

Vineyard House Worcester Cape Town

The owners were away at the time (They have a separate home on the other side of the property) but arranged for someone to meet us and take us to the house. You know when you see a fabulous place online and in real life it’s a lot uglier? Well, this was the opposite situation. The place looked beautiful online, but in real life – it was breathtaking! I suppose it’s because you can’t capture the peace and quiet in pictures. You can’t capture a 360 degree view of mountains or pretty birds chirping. Or the warm, afternoon sunlight streaming in on the comfy couches. We were so impressed with how gorgeous this place was! I think it took Cam all of five minutes to have a braai going. (He’s braai crazy!)

Vineyard House firepit

We loved that the outside area had comfy couches, a table to eat from (seating six people) and a lovely fire pit. When we go away to a self catering place, we always make sure it has a braai because it makes cooking less of a fuss. They’ve really made it a lovely outdoor area, so that even though the inside is amazing – you’ll be totally happy to just chill outside.  The whole area has lovely grass as well, so if you go with kids they’ll be happy to play outside. Having braais outside and watching the sunset was the perfect way to feel like we had escaped the busy-ness of the city! Make sure to take a walk of the grounds too – we went in spring so it was full of beautiful flowers. On your walks you might also spot some duikers!

The interior of Vineyard House

Vineyard House topknotch blog

Vineyard House Cape Town airbnb getaways

The hosts really put so much extra effort into the house – from putting Lindt chocolates on the beds, to giving us these two bottles of wine. Even adding the marshmellows (We braaied a few!) was all just the cherry on top to a fantastic hosting experience.  The decor was really modern, neat and clean. All the linen was really fresh and felt like really good quality.  If you’d like to watch movies, they have DSTV as well as Wi-Fi! The cottage is fully equipped for cooking your own meals, and they also had a Nespresso machine! 

Vineyard House accomodation worcester cape town airbnb

This is the master bedroom. There is also a second bedroom with two single beds – so the house sleeps four in case you want a family getaway, or to take some friends along!

Vineyard House cape town

The view from the bedroom was possibly my favorite. Honestly, I’m ruined now because any home I have one day – if it doesn’t have a bedroom with a vineyard view, it won’t be good enough. The bedroom leads onto a verandah with an outdoor shower. Honestly, they spared no little details!

Vineyard House Cape Town

The hosts were even kind enough to lend us their JCB for the weekend. A JCB (for those of you like me who didn’t know what it was!) is a small off road vehicle. We used it to explore the farm and see some beautiful views through the mountain.

Things to do around around the area

They have on offer some fishing, mountain bike trails and walking routes for those of you who like walking! Otherwise, use it as an opportunity to just chill. Read a book, watch TV (They have Wi-Fi and DSTV), have a good braai and actually engage in conversation with loved ones. You can also drive through to Worcester or Villiersdorp if you want to go for a meal or do some shopping for supplies.

Booking the Vineyard House

You can book the Vineyard House via Airbnb directly. You are welcome to find it by visiting this link:

Vineyard House in Worcester 

Is it your first time using Airbnb?

Remember – if you’ve never used Airbnb before, you’re eligible to receive R600 for your first trip (it must be over R1100). You’re welcome to email me or DM on Instagram and I can send you a sign-up link.

Vineyard House Cape Town

We truly had such a great time at the Vineyard House, and I knew I just had to share it with you guys. It’s available on Airbnb, or you can message them directly. I truly went into the week refreshed and invigorated. We will definitely be back! 



  1. September 28, 2018 / 11:51 am

    What a beautiful post! Definitely a perfect find for a lazy weekend 🙂

  2. September 28, 2018 / 9:42 pm

    10 out of 10 for somewhere comfortable to read – sofa on a shady patio!

  3. Cameron
    September 28, 2018 / 11:32 pm


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