Heliocare sunscreen – SPF50 gelcream

We hear it all the time- the importance of skincare for anti-aging but more importantly, the prevention of skin cancer. I don’t know about you, but wearing sunscreen everyday is a habit I just haven’t been able to implement properly. Although I’m definitely doing better in recent years, it’s still something I am trying to become more and more disciplined in. This year, I have finally been able to come across two facials sunscreens that have been game changers for me. One being the Elizabeth Arden City Smart Prevage, the other being Heliocare Gelcream.

I’ve recently been speaking a bit about Heliocare on my Instagram account and so many of you wanted to know more! So I decided to talk a bit more about the brand and let you know what makes Heliocare sunscreen unique.

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Heliocare color gelcream : A SPF50 Sunscreen with Fernblock

Heliocare sunscreen gelcream topknotch blog south africa

If you’re a local on Instagram, you’ll see many beauty bloggers talking about Heliocare. To be honest, at first I thought maybe it was kind of the Sugar Bear Hair of sunscreen. (While Sugar Bear Hair is a fab product I’m sure, it is a very “Celeb endorsed” product and almost fashionable). But then when people continued to talk and talk about this brand, I knew I had to try it myself. After doing some research, I also noticed it was better priced than many other facial sunscreens at R295 for the normal oil-free version.

So recently when I attended a Heliocare event talking about their capsules (yes, how cool?!) there was a Heliocare Gel Cream Color in the goodie bag. I was super thrilled because this was on my list for quite some time! I’m super fussy when it comes to sunscreen (I’m a lover of makeup and very often those two don’t mix!) So I was nervous – would I be able to wear this under foundation without looking like my sixteen year old self going on a school hike in summer (I’ll give you a hint – shiny, greasy and flustered!!)

Heliocare sunscreen gelcream topknotch blog south africa

Impressions of the product

So the formula is called a “gel-cream” and is quite thick in texture. According to the brands website, this range is suitable for all skin types. The thickness of the texture was a bit different from some other brands I’ve used, but not bad. It’s also not sticky and leaves no white film afterward. It absorbs quite easily into the skin without much hassle.

Does it look oily?

Now you guys know I love the Elizabeth Arden City Smart Prevage – it has to be the non-oiliest sunscreen I’ve used on my face. So it’s really hard to beat in that regard. It does leave a slightly shiny look behind but it’s definatley not greasy and doesn’t cause breakouts. I do have a combination skin that tends to get a bit oilier in the afternoons, so that could also be why I look a little shinier after wearing this product for a few hours.

What about the coverage?

As it’s a tinted foundation, obviously the question comes up about if it provides some coverage. And the answer is YES! I’ve actually been extremely impressed with the coverage on this sunscreen. It actually covers up blemishes and dark circles pretty well. Obviously it’s not a high coverage foundation – it is a sunscreen after all– but does a good job at making you look a little more fab! Especially on a day when you’re at the beach and don’t want to be wearing foundation, but need a little help making your complexion look a little better.



Heliocare sunscreen gelcream topknotch blog south africa

This is the first time I’ve found a tinted sunscreen that actually offers good coverage. Normally the color doesn’t transfer well but I am impressed.

Obviously with this being an SPF 50 it definitely provides good sun protection. I’ve worn this on several really hot days and I wasn’t burnt at all. Personally I prefer to wear high sun protection factor when it comes to my face.

What is Fernblock and what does it do?

Fernblock® is an extract from Polypodium leucotomos, a fern originating from Central America. The fern has a natural mechanism to protect itself from sun radiation. These exclusive and original sun protection mechanisms have been patented and are the basis of Heliocare technology.

Fernblock, an ingredient in all Heliocare products, will save your skin by:

  1. Acting as an anti-oxidant to prevent UV radiation.
  2. Protecting immune cells and preserving skin functionality.
  3. Preventing the formation of mutated cells to prevent skin cancer.
  4. Protecting elastic fibres to prevent photoageing.

Heliocare selects Sorbet as new retail partner

Previously it was a little more challenging to purchase products from their range. However, the great news is that they have recently partnered with Sorbet to stock their products in their stores around South Africa. That means for those of you who prefer to shop from physical stores can now conveniently purchase your Heliocare there.

However, if you’d prefer to shop online, Dermastore are a stockist as well.

What are the Heliocare prices?

Heliocare Gelcream Colour Light RRP: R350.00 (Remember this is tinted so if you don’t want color don’t use this one!)

Heliocare Gel SPF 50 (Oil-Free): R295

Heliocare sunscreen gelcream topknotch blog south africa

Will I repurchase this product?

Yes, I will repurchase this product. It’s more affordable than other higher end sunscreens and really protects your skin really well. It has no sunscreen smell and even the texture is different! I think for someone who likes coverage – even when on the beach – it really is a fabulous product! I haven’t experienced any breakouts whilst using this sunscreen, which is something I’ve encountered in the past. I guess I can see now why so many people love this as their sunscreen of choice.

Did you know that the brand also offers capsules? Now, that is a topic for another day. A whole seperate blog post. But let me tell you – this brand is certainly innovating and making waves in the industry. For all the right reasons!


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