Nuxe Nirvanesque First Wrinkles Skincare Review

I must admit, there’s something that has been intriguing me since I first heard about Nuxe. I think it’s because French skincare is so highly regarded for how effective it is. And probably because everything from this brand looks and feels absolutely amazing. Recently I was fortunate enough to have been sent the Nuxe Nirvanesque smoothing cream as well as the Smoothing Eye Contour Cream to try out.

Nuxe Nirvanesque First Wrinkles Smoothing Cream

The Nuxe Nirvanesque range was designed for women in their late twenties to early thirties to target the first signs of aging as well as de-stressing the skin. This range of first wrinkle skincare contains Peony and Blue Lotus Seeds  to iron out first expression lines, relaxes features and smooths your skin.  The eye cream is formulated to encourage skin relaxation and brighten the eye area.

Nuxe Nirvanesque First Wrinkles

Totally love the packaging – especially the smoothing cream, it has a beautiful frosted appearance.

Inspiration behind the range

It is never too early to start fighting expression lines. In fact, the most effective way is to anticipate their appearance. Pollution or a lack of hydration and sleep are the main factors in the appearance of your first wrinkles. For this reason, the products designed to fight first expression lines focus on moisturising the skin to help smooth it.

Skin Type

The cream says it is for “normal skin”. I wouldn’t recommend this for individuals with oilier skin types, as it is very thick and might not work very well with your skin type! My skin type is combination, with a bit of dehydration and it worked really well on me.

Nuxe Nirvanesque topknotch review

My impressions

I think the most powerful first impression was the scent. Nuxe products are famous for their delightful scents that smell natural and inviting. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I chat a lot about hylauronic acid and how often I used moisturizers that contain this in a more gel type formula. So using this cream was something a little different- it’s extremely rich and thick.  But the thickness felt really nice when I put it on my skin – my skin drank it up! About a week after my microneedling when my skin was feeling parched- I found this cream really worked nicely. I think that this is a cream I’d use much more frequently in winter, because it really moisturizes the skin well.

Nuxe Nirvanesque Frist Wrinkles Cream Topknotch Blog Rachael Williams south africa

I also find that the cream absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or with leftover residue. As you can see in the picture above, it’s a very thick consistency and darkish creamy yellow in colour.  However even though it’s thick and very moisturizing, I found that this cream doesn’t make my skin look or feel oily. So don’t worry because it’s very moisturizing that you’ll look very oily. Although, as mentioned above I think this cream is much more suited to combination to drier skin than oilier skin.

This cream is also extremely gentle! If you’re skin is sensitive, I think it will work well. Nuxe products in general are very gentle on the skin.

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Nuxe Smoothing Eye Contour Cream

The Nuxe Nirvanesque Smoothing Eye Contour Cream is a very light, very fluid eye cream.  It is formulated with peony and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and brighten up your under eye area. I found that it absorbs very quickly and leaves behind no residue. I find that it leaves my eye contour area hydrated without feeling heavy.

Nuxe Nirvanesque Frist Wrinkles Cream Topknotch Blog Rachael Williams south africa

Packaging wise, I love that it comes in a tube – I seriously don’t enjoy eye creams that come in pots. I think it just makes it much easier to use too much product! I enjoyed this eye cream but prefer eye cream with a more gel-type formula.

Concluding thoughts

Of the two products, the smoothing cream is definitely my favorite, and one that I would repurchase.  It just worked really well on my skin. While I sincerely do enjoy the eye cream (and think it’s reasonably priced for R365 from Woolworths) I don’t think it’s dethroned some of my other favorites and that also to do with the formula. Which literally just comes down to personal preference! It’s still a fabulous cream though, and a great option if you’re looking for something mild and very gentle on the skin! All in all I am extremely impressed with this brand and am DEFINITELY going to be purchasing some more products that they have on offer.

When it comes to Nuxe, I really think you’re getting quality and the look and feel of a luxurious brand, at a more reasonable price tag. There is definitely a reason why this brand is a cult favorite oversees.


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