Loving the Theravine Charcoal Purifying Mask from their new “Daily Defense” Range

In case you haven’t noticed – pollution is everywhere. Pollution comes from both human activities and natural sources that can negatively affect our health and skin. Prolonged exposure to pollution can result in dryness, dullness, clogged pores, inflammation and increased allergic reactions. Lately I’ve been reaching for the Theravine Daily Defence Charcoal Purifying Mask for when my skin feels congested and I’m totally loving it!

Theravine Charcoal Purifying Mask Sincerely Blonde Rachael Williams

The impact of pollution on the skin

The skin is our first line of defence between the body and the surrounding air, therefore the skin is also the first point of contact for pollution. Pollution can cause damage to the skin’s natural protective barrier and in doing so sensitises the skin. When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin weakens and homeostasis is destroyed.

Long-term exposure to pollution can go as far as resulting in what is referred to as low-grade inflammation. Low grade inflammation can damage the skin in multiple ways, the most prominent being the acceleration of the aging process.

The solution from Theravine

In response to this, Theravine unveiled their latest solution – the Daily Defence Anti-Pollution System. This anti pollution system contains the Charcoal Purifying Mask as well as a Daily Defence Finishing Mist. The range is formulated to both prevent damage and rectify present damage in the skin. It does this by providing a shield to block the penetrations of harmful particles, as well as helps to detoxify, purify and repair / replenish skin.

Theravine Charcoal Purifying Mask Sincerely Blonde Rachael Williams

What makes the Theravine Charcoal Purifying Mask different?

The mask contains activated charcoal which draws those particles from pollution to the surface of the skin along with any bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt and oil. It then absorbs those foreign substances, and when the skin is rinsed washes them away resulting in a deep cleansing.

Texture wise, I love that the formula is very creamy and actually isn’t drying. Often clay based based are very drying and can leave your skin feeling tight afterwards. However the Theravine Charcoal Purifying Mask doesn’t do that! Your skin feels just amazing afterwards. It promotes a “blurred” effect making your skin look smooth and soft.

Suitable for:  Oily / Problematic Skin

Cost: The Theravine Charcoal Purifying Mask retails for R408 for 50ml

How does the Theravine Anti-Pollution assist with protecting the skin?

  • It contains purifying ingredients that help balance natural oil levels
  • It helps to strength the skin barrier and contains repairing agents
  • Contains highly hydrating actives
  • Formulated with ingredients that assist with the normalisation of the skin’s PH

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