Getting my skin back to glowy with Lamelle (Post pregnancy!)

Wow, there is no denying it – pregnancy is tough on the body! Growing a human, while a miracle, is no easy feat. Sure, in some ways your hair is more glowy and luscious than ever, but in other ways your body can take a knock. Half my pregnancy I guess you could say I had the “pregnancy glow” we’ve heard about all our lives, and for the rest of my pregnancy my skin was dry, dehydrated, patchy and even my older pigmentation looked a bit more noticeable. After Rio was born I resolved myself to settle into a simple and consistent skincare routine to get myself back on track. I decided to do this with the help of Lamelle!

Lamelle are well known amongst South Africans as an incredibly trustworthy skincare brand. They have built a reputation for themselves with their medical research and in-depth knowledge which often results in first-to-market products. What a proudly South African brand that are pushing boundaries in the medical aesthetics industry. Because of all this, I expected their products to be majorly expensive but you’d be surprised at how affordable (And seriously effective!) so many of their products are.

The majority of the products I have been using are from the “Nourish” range which is focusing on age prevention. Meaning, it is perfect for someone like me in their mid-to-late twenties who is not yet showing advanced signs of ageing.

The focus of the Nourish range:

The key is realising that accumulated DNA damage with time and the effects of free radicals are a reality. So best to care for your skin and face with powerful protectors that enable your skin to keep taking care of itself – unlock your body’s most powerful age-preventing strategies with the revolutionary DNA damage-correcting enzyme and antioxidants inside Lamelle’s Nourish age prevention skin range. It is aimed at individuals who are looking for a reliable and preventative ageing daily skin routine.

The Nourish range is very affordable and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin!

First things first has to be.. the cleanser!

First up has to be the Daily Cleanser! Cam has taken a liking to this as well and between the two of us we have agreed we could easily not look back and just repurchase this one over and over again!  It is a soap-free, foaming gel-based cleanser which gently cleanses the skin. Your skin feels very soft and clean afterwards, with absolutely no tightness at all. When I spoke about Lamelle on my Instagram, a lot of people replied about this cleanser so it is definitely a fan- favorite. The 150ml retails for an exceptionally well-priced R270.

Eye cream

A second noteworthy product has to be the Revitalise Eye Cream. To be honest – I’ve struggled with adopting eye creams into my routine over the years because I’ve never really found any I’ve loved.  This eye cream is incredibly silky and just absorbs so gently into the skin, leaving the under eye area nourished and hydrated. With my “new parent” level of exhaustion, honestly eye cream feels like a must. It has incorporated seamlessly into my skincare routine and my eyes seem to be looking fresher and hydrated despite the exhaustion.

The light, non-comedogenic base contains ingredients that significantly enhance the lymphatic drainage of the eye area while firming skin contours and reduce puffiness under the eyes. This eye cream is recommended for anyone showing the first signs of ageing around the eye area. A little goes a long way so this product can really last you ages!

The Multi-Active Sunscreen

Finding a good sunscreen is also relatively tough because the formula and texture of a sunscreen can vary SO much. The Lamelle Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30 is very mattifying and doesn’t leave that usual “sunscreen sheen” that most of us loathe!  I think I really knew it was a winner when Cam willingly started using it – getting Cam to volunteer to wear sunscreen is so tough – he has a slightly oilier complexion than me and he doesn’t like how greasy most leave your skin a few hours later. This one doesn’t leave you greasy at all! It does not leave a white cast either.

And finally.. the Lamelle Brighter Concentrate

The Lamelle Brighter Concentrate is not a part of the Nourish range, but I have been using it to help assist with pigmentation. This product is a true powerhouse. It is described as  “a powerful corrective serum that assists the complex problem of hyperpigmentation with an innovative blend of conventional and unique peptide ingredients”. It contains an ingredient called Decabutin which is a very rapid penetrator, reaching straight to the root of the problem and reducing the appearance of dark spot.

What I like about this product is it is non-irritating. It doesn’t contain a topical retinoid which can easily irritate sensitive skin or skin not used to those sorts of ingredients. I think using this has been the “game changer” in terms of my skin complexion. As a new mom, getting dressed and showered each day on its own is an accomplishment, and I’m wearing a lot less makeup than before. Feeling confident in my skin without makeup has been a huge battle for me – I don’t know why! But after continued use of this product my skin complexion really is looking brighter and more refined. Obviously sorting out pigmentation is a very very long process but I really am thinking I’m on the right track.

If pigmentation is a concern of yours – I’d highly recommend researching this product and other offerings from Lamelle – their research and insight into pigmentation is phenomenal and you know you’re getting really good, medical-grade products!

How to shop Lamelle

I’m personally a huge fan of Dermastore because you can shop so easily there, but Lamelle themselves have also launched a shop functinality on their own site, provided you have a prior Lamelle stockist who can assist you.


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    November 16, 2020 / 3:40 pm

    I have actually not tried their products yet.

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