Inoar Lotus Flower Super Ampoule: Review

I’m always looking for hair products to make my hair softer and more manageable because honestly, my hair can be so difficult sometimes! I think it’s a problem many blonde ladies encounter – the bleach used to highlight hair can leave it dry and coarse. Ultimately, the long, silky tresses I envision myself having are a far cry from the reality of what I usually have – knotty hair in a mom bun! I have recently been using the Inoar Lotus Flower Super Ampule and my hair is honestly much softer.

Since having Rio the one thing I seriously love doing is taking baths. It’s strange because I’ve never been a bath person! Now, I define it as real “me-time” and take at least one, maybe two per week. Sadly the rest is hurried showers with a niggly baby near by. I have enjoyed putting the ampule on my hair and letting it saturate for a good 10 -20 minutes! (The guidelines say it only needs three minutes but honestly I think the longer the merrier..! But if you’re in a rush three minutes is completely sufficient). When I went for my six week postpartum check up at the gynae, he told me he noticed I had scalp dryness which is apparently quite common post-partum. I never knew that! Apparently it has to do with hormones and the like. Consequently I’ve been even more aware of adding moisture to my hair than before.

The only photo I could find where my hair wasn’t in a mom bun! But thanks to Inoar Speed Blonde as well as these Super Ampoules my hair is in great condition. It’s been ten months since I got highlights but it’s looking fantastic!

After rinsing my hair feels so much softer and much easier to brush. I’m prone to lots of small knots and it can be so frustrating. Hair masks and oils for my hair a complete must (I also have been trying the Lotus Flower Oil and it’s INCREDIBLE as well!) It comes in a handy 7ml so it’s definitely going in my bag when I go away over that is exposed to salt water and sun gets very dry and these oils do wonders.

The Lotus Flower Super Ampule promises to Strengthen, moisturise & nourish in 3 minutes

1. Longevity & Self-repair

2. Revitalize & Regenerate

3. Provides intense repair for healthier hair that shine

A little more about Inoar

Inoar are one of my favorite hair care brands. They are:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Botanical
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free

I find all Inoar products to be impeccable quality and always leave your hair feeling like you had it washed at the salon! I have the Speed Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner and it’s the best option for keeping brassy tones out of highlighted hair.

Retail Price

The ampoule retails for R500. You can get 5 -7 treatments out of each ampoule so it works out to be a reasonably price R100 – R70 per treatment.


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