Why I Love Avroy Shlain (and You Should Too!)

Okay ladies so finally here is my review for the amazing products I received from Avroy Shlain. I’ve been crazy about makeup for as long as I can remember, and when I was a teenager the more colour the better!

However in later years my style has become a bit more neautral as I felt the need to blend in, especially in the workplace. The Avroy Shlain campaign is all about how #TrueBeautyShines, and I just loved how I received these bright colours because it reminded me of everything that originally made me fall in love with makeup- color color color!

I’ve always been a firm believer that makeup should enhance your looks and boost your confidence. It shouldn’t change who you are or be your confidence. But there really is something special about putting on a powerful, bright lip color. You really do feel like you can take over the world.

On first glance I was immediately drawn to the deep colour of the lipgloss and the gorgeous glow of the bronzing pearls. Admittedly at first I was hesitant about the eyeshadow because I’ve always thought blues don’t really suit my complexion. However the eyeshadow actually turned out to be my favorite product – I especially love the dark grey shade!

Avroy Shlain Makeup

Avroy Shlain is a truly South African beauty brand with lots to offer this season!

Avroy Shlain COPPÉLIA® Colour Bronzing Pearls (R139!)

avroy shlain bronzing pearls

Great Christmas gift idea!

The Avroy Shlain bronzing pearls are concentrated pearlescent beads that give you an instant, unforgettable radiant look. Perfect for highlighting, bronzing and creating soft, sensual effect. The bronzing pearls are so compact and will fit so nicely even into a small purse! As you can see from the picture the bronzing pearls give your skin that sun kissed glow we all want without hitting the sunbed.  I found the product really easy to allow and held nicely on my skin throughout the day. These bronzing pearls are also suitable for all skin tones.

At R139 to me the bronzing pearls make for the perfect stocking filler gift for Christmas. I’m adding this to my list of potential Christmas gifts, like my Skin Republic Sheet Masks (You can read my review here)

Avroy Shlain Eye Shadow Trio

The eyeshadow trio was the surprise product for me because I actually thought it ended up complimenting my skin really well and was really well pigmented. I still am not sure if blue is the best colour for me, but I thought that was the best blue shade I’ve seen on myself up to this point.

The colours went on really easily and felt really soft. I kept an eye on how the colours looked after a few hours and they had hardly faded! Because that is something that can be really frustrating – when you do an amazing look and a few hours later it has disappeared!

Avroy Shlain Coppélia® Colour Liquid Lips – Amethyst Always (R149)

avroy shlain makeup kylie jenner dupe

Kylie Jenners Blitzen Lipkit – is it a dupe?

Lastly the lip color I received (Amethyst Always) is a shade I think is just GORGEOUS! Enriched with Vitamin E, the liquid formulation sets to a matte look. They really are on trend with the shade here and the feel. Like I said in my video , it really reminds me on a Kylie Jenner lipkit . Actually I am wondering if Amethyst Always is actually a dupe Kylie’s Lipkit “Blitzen?”

Honestly the lipcolour was the first thing that grabbed my eye and I thought immediately it would be my top pick. However after a few hours of wear I have come to the conclusion this product makes for an excellent “night out” look, but wouldn’t be my top pick for “all day wear”. Reason being, because its matte your lips can feel really dry and almost painted. If you smudge or wipe your lips the color is so deep and strong it can be hard to fix! This is just my personal experience but like I said I would definately wear this on an evening out but probably not for a long day at the office.

Two best features of this lip color (beside the AMAZING shade: So easy to apply and the matte look.

SO why am I a fan of Avroy Shlain?

  1. They are well priced. Being able to pick up gorgeous bronzing pearls for R139? That’s a deal!
  2. They are a local brand to South Africa – I am always pro buying local and supporting companies from SA.
  3. Their mantra is about enhancing natural beauty and have a very feminist and empowering approach to their brandavroy shlain makeup
  4. They are cruelty free. “From its inception the Company has been opposed to animal testing and was one of the founder members of Beauty Without Cruelty in South Africa. The Company remains committed to animal friendly policies and at no stage are its products tested on animals.” (Taken from Avroy Shlain UK website). If you’re passionate about cruelty free makeup, you should check out my previous post!
  5. They are not afraid of bringing us bright, bold colours! Great especially for those days you want a dramatic look.


In conclusion

Packaging : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Feel and Quality of Products: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If you’d like to see some of the looks that I created with these Avroy Shlain products, you should take a look at my Instagram!

As mentioned previously I think these products make really great Christmas gifts for makeup and beauty lovers. Their cute packaging and compact sizes will be perfect stocking fillers or even Secret Santas. If you’d like to check out their website, take a look at www,avroyshlain.co.za


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  1. October 25, 2017 / 11:06 am

    I haven’t used Avroy Shlain in years and now I am so curious to see all their products! The bronzing pearls product looks amazing and so well priced. The lippie shade is GORGEOUS, pity that it is a little drying (to be honest, most matte lip products dry out my lips). Loved your reviews!

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