7 Affordable Cruelty Free Makeup Brands You Need to Know!

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Okay so it’s obviously no secret that I love my makeup and beauty products! However lately I’ve been challenged to think about the topic that we can all tend to ignore too often – animal testing. I think it’s a topic that we really need to start talking about The great news is that we have so many affordable cruelty free makeup brands in South Africa to choose from. I’ve put together a list of 7 of my top affordable cruelty free makeup brands that can be found locally.  I compiled this list using information found on PETA’s website, but other fantastic websites are Cruelty Free International and locally, Beauty Without Cruelty.

Here’s a list of some amazing and affordable makeup products that are also cruelty free. I’ve chosen drugstore brands to keep it easier on the pocket. You can buy these brands with confidence knowing that an animal didn’t have to suffer for it.

My top 7 Affordable Cruelty Free Makeup Brands


NYX has actually been against animal testing since it started. It was bought by L’oreal (who test on animals) in 2010 but according to Peta’s website, NYX confirmed its dedication to its cruelty-free policy and will remain 100 percent cruelty-free under L’Oréal’s ownership. NYX have the most incredible eyeshadow palette which I’ve been seeing at Clicks and am currently crushing on.

affordable cruelty free makeup brands

How amazing are these colours??

Wet n Wild

One of the most budget-friendly drugstore brands, Wet Wild is PETA-certified, cruelty-free. This brand is really not afraid to give us bright, bold colours and I think their prices are incredible. I’m personally a big fan of their lipsticks and you can pick one up for about R40 (just over $3!). My favorite – Mega Last Lip Colour in Sugar Plum Fairy.

Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula is stocked with high-quality, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free products that are totally safe for sensitive skin. Many of their products are fragrance-free, paraben-free and gluten-free. The Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Blush is simply amazing – the packing is simply stunning and the color is great for everyday use too.  Especially relevant, most people who use this product have rated it positively, noting especially how it lasts the whole day.  Their products (like Urban Decay) are more expensive than the others on the list, so go for the products that are worth the extra splurge. 

affordable cruelty free makeup physicians formula


Catrice is a very trendy brand with a great mix between classic shades and daring, diverse looks.  I often find the textures on their blushers, eyeshadows are so textured and highly pigmented, so I always feel like I’m getting a high product at a really good price. Also, their ranges are inspired by fashion and beauty trends around the world so you’ll often find they bring out very in line with where the beauty industry is. There’s been a lot of buzz on social media about their Glamour Doll Volume Mascara

affordable cruelty free makeup brands catrice

Taken from Catrices website:  “We do not carry out or commission any testing on animals for the manufacture of our products. This applies to the end products as well as to all ingredients. Our suppliers are also required to certify in writing that their products have been manufactured without testing on animals.” 

Urban Decay

This is great news, for obvious reasons! Don’t we all just love UD. Urban Decay are also certified by Leaping Bunny who are They also mark which of their products are vegan on their website, and are committed to one day becoming 100% vegan. Urban Decay is more on the high end of affordable products, so I’d suggest investing in a few of their signature pieces. My top pick from Urban Decay? The Naked Palette!

affordable cruelty free makeup urban decay naked palette


Essence is a brand that has been growing rapidly in popularity in South Africa, known for its affordability and ride range of products.  They are continually bringing out trendy products ranging from makeup, skincare and nail products. On Essence’s website they state, “Testing on animals is a no-go for essence. We do not conduct animal testing and do not commission anyone else to do so either.” 

LA Girl

LA Girl is owned by Beauty 21 Cosmetics who is a proud member of the cruelty-free PETA organization.  In my opinion, LA Girl is a quality, on-trend, innovative beauty brand. I have tried a few other concealers but I always come back to this LA Girl concealer. It’s a blendable and buildable formula  that provides the ultimate, customizable coverage. Most of all, it’s SO reasonably priced and can make tired eyes look picture perfect.  Of all the affordable cruelty free makeup brands, LA Girl has to be one of my favorites.

affordable cruelty free makeup

What about if the parent company is engaging in animal testing?

Honestly, this a tough one. I’ve read a few articles on this topics and I know there are people who feel strongly each way.  I think this is a decision each person must make personally. However I read a great sentiment on the topic on My Beauty Bunny : “We believe that supporting animal-friendly companies goes a long way toward the eventual elimination of animal testing. If the parent companies see the successes of their brands who do not test, it’s a win.”

More importantly I think this is a decision each person needs to think about and research for themselves. There is so much information out there that can seem very overwhelming, so make sure to use reputable websites as mentioned above. In my opinion, if you can support local and cruelty free, that is a double win.  I’ll also be doing one on skincare in the near future!

What brands would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!



  1. October 23, 2017 / 1:02 pm

    I love Urban Decay. I also have been really into Beauty Counter lately for natural make up.

  2. October 24, 2017 / 3:53 am

    I really enjoyed your informative post. I am glad there are so many affordable brands that are cruelty-free and make amazing products too!

  3. October 24, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    This is awesome! I really appreciate this.

  4. October 25, 2017 / 3:36 pm

    I had no idea Wet and Wild and L.A. Colors were cruelty free! That is awesome and they are some pretty affordable brands!

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