My three weapons to combat winter skin with Lush

I am not a Cape Town girl – I was born and bred in Port Elizabeth. So I come from a warmer part of South Africa. While we definitely had cold winters (especially in the last few years!) nothing could have prepared me for how bitterly cold the Cape can be sometimes. It’s like the weather feels angry with you!  This weather has been harsh on my skin. Since the beginning of winter it’s been drying out and looking quite dull and lackluster. Luckily I’ve discovered some of Lush’s fabulous products for nourishing the skin, and I’m happy to say my skin is looking hydrated, soft and smooth again. I’ve narrowed it down to simple three items that I use twice per week as a routine to keep dry skin at bay.

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Each can be used as stand-alone and will leave your skin soft, or as a three step routine for ultimate silky skin!

Weapon1: Dry Scrub with Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub

This has to be the WORST step – simply because standing out in the cold minus the forty layers I’m usually wearing is a special form of torture right now. (As mentioned, I am NOT used to the cold!) But believe me – it is SO worth it! If you really can’t do this, or you don’t battle with dry skin, you can also use the scrub when you’re already in the shower. If you apply it to wet skin the salt will dissolve a bit first, leaving you with more of a shower gel that has just a hint of scrub. But if you’re skin is dry like mine was, using this as a dry scrub really works wonders!

lush south africa topknotch blog1 rub rub rub body scrub

This scrub is packed with mineral rich sea salt that works as an excellent exfoliator. You’ll be shocked how soft your skin feels! The sea salt also acts as a natural antiseptic for any abrasions.  Another ingredient is lemon juice. Lemon are full of Vitamin C which makes your skin glow and can help to even the complexion as well. I also love the scent of this scrub – it’s so refreshing. I know you’re thinking that lemon juice and salt sounds like it will dry out your skin, but your skin will feel really soft I promise!

The tub retails for R180 for 330g. I’ve used it a few times already and you wouldn’t even notice it’s been used, so a little goes a long way. This tub will last you a while!

Weapon 2:  Replenish moisture with Lush’s The Olive Branch Shower Gel

Winter skin can be agitated and dry, in need of soothing and moisturizing product. The fundamental ingridient in this shower gel (it almost feels like a shower oil it’s so luxurious!) is Olive Oil. I know you’re probably thinking that olive oil is best used in the kitchen, but you’re wrong!

lush south africa topknotch blog1 the olive branch

Olive oil is moisturizing, conditioning and provides strengthening properties for both skin and hair.  Olive Oil is rich in vitamin E, oleic acid (omega 9 monounsaturated fatty acid), and a substance called squalene that is also found in the oil our skin naturally produces, olive oil helps to lubricate and retain moisture in the skin. The shower gel also contains mandarin, which helps to soothe the skin. (And smells good too!)

Lush’s The Olive Branch feels super luxurious to me. It adds an exotic twist to an everyday shower. I know I sound like a broken record but this product smells incredible as well. This one has a warm, orangey citrus scent. I think it’s fair to say that everything from Lush smells delicious! I’ve yet to smell one of their products I didn’t like.

I use this with a Bath Sponge from Clicks and scrub my whole body – down to my feet! Knees, elbows and any other spot where my skin is dry. The texture is quite runny, but it lathers very well.

Weapon 3: Lock in hydration with Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner or Dream Cream

Ro’s Argan is one of Lush’s signature products and it only takes one use to know why. The Lush Body Conditioners are actually normally rinsed off, you apply them to your skin and rinse off after a few minutes. I actually apply just before I hop out the shower. I rinse a little off with water, and leave some residue before. Then I towel dry my skin and hop into bed.  Let my skin ‘bake’ in that argan goodness overnight! Essentially, body conditioners are moisturizing products that you apply to your body after you have cleansed in the shower, and then you rinse it off. Actually super similar to hair conditioners!

lush south africa topknotch blog1 ro's argan

The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is a thick lotion that smells amazing. Because of it’s thickness, you only need a little product for a large surface area. It’s packed with cocoa butter, shea butter, argan oil, almond oil and cupuacu butters. Basically, everything moisturizing and luxurious is in this product! Argan Oil especially is a wonder as it hydrates and moistens pores and helps to reverse dry and flaky skin. You might feel worried that all these rich products could leave your skin feeling oily, but believe me it doesn’t! Your skin will feel soft and supple.

The scent actually smells like a perfume and lingers long after your shower. That’s probably due to the rose oil, geranium oil and vanilla bean infusion. I am a complete sucker for anything rose scented!

If you’d prefer to just use Body Lotion, the Lush Dream Cream can be substituted. Also a fabulous, hydrating product, it is less heavily scented for those that prefer plainer creams!

Hello soft skin, my old friend!

So that rounds up my three secret weapons when it comes to combating dry skin. What is your go-to? Winter can be so harsh on the skin, I need any help I can get! And sadly, because I live in Cape Town and we can’t bath, bath oils are not an option for me. Hopefully one day in the near future bathing will be an option again, because a bubble bath and a glass of wine are calling my name!

*Disclaimer – These products were sent to me from Lush for review purposes. These views are my own and there was no promise of a positive review. This is just soft skin advice from one frozen Western Cape gal to another!


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  1. Candice
    July 4, 2018 / 11:51 am

    I haven’t tried Lush in such a long time!

    Candice | Natalya Amour

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