Washing your hair with a Lush solid shampoo? I was also a sceptic but..

We keep hearing it all the time – that plastic is becoming a huge problem! I think sometimes (Well, personally at least!) we’re not really sure how we can contribute to the solution. Or, we think (Gasp!) that by going plastic free we’ll have to wash our hair with a Sunlight bar (I’m not against trying anything but that would be interesting!). But in fact, it’s not as extreme as that. So, when I received a Lush solid shampoo and conditioner from the Naked Products range I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. Sure, this thing will clean my hair but will it leave it lush-ious or shiny? Especially because my hair is a bit tough- unfortunately (or fortunately) my hair is really thick. I know people say you shouldn’t complain, but it takes a lot to make my hair look good. So, I knew this experience was going to go one of two ways- really well or really bad!

Lush Naked Products

No these are not toys, nor are they edible. They are a solid shampoo and conditioner from Lush’s Naked Products!

Plastic Free July

I received these products at a really apt time – it’s actually “Plastic Free July”. I always enjoy awareness months or campaigns because I feel they allow you to stop, take stock and think about realistic changes you want to make. For example: it’s very simple to not have a straw every time you have a cool drink, and that is a very manageable change to implement. Think about how much packaging you use in just one day and assess what can be exchanged for a plastic-free item.

Plastic Free July is a challenge to you to reassess your life and see where you can adjust your plastic use. The Plastic Free July organisation aims to build a global movement that dramatically reduces plastic use and improve recycling worldwide. They even have a quiz you can take to assess where your plastic usage is coming from, and gives you alternatives to use instead. You can actually sign up to the challenge if you would like to make a pledge to use less plastic.

What is the challenge from Lush?

Start with cutting just 1 single-use plastic item from your every day this month. Super simple!  


So what exactly are Naked Products?

Lush has long been a flagship when it comes to cruelty free products. They have been committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability for many years, and have even been a forerunner when it comes to raising awareness on sustainable beauty.

Lush Naked Products Solid products

Here are some of Lush’s Naked Products. We have the Sugar Daddy-O Conditioner (purple bar), the Trichomania Solid Shampoo (pink coconut), the Full of Grace Facial Serum bar (small pink bar) and the Hot Oil Hair Treatment at the back.

Now, Lush is taking it even a step further proving their commitment to both sustainability and environmental responsibility: Naked Products. No, this does not mean you use them when Naked. Rather, Naked products mean stripping away the packaging. And where packaging is used, it will be paper, or a glass or metal container. We’re talking package free soaps, shower gels, massage bars and even shampoo and conditioner. Huh? Shampoo is meant to be runny!? And a solid shower gel? How will this work. Basically, these products come in a solid form. They are very concentrated formulas that don’t contain water. Don’t worry, they hydrate when they hit the shower and lather up.

Already over 35 percent of Lush’s products are totally unpackaged – what a fantastic contribution to the environment. It’s also changing our perception of what a product should be like. Why does a shampoo have to be liquid?

As Lush says “When it comes to packaging, less is more, and none is even better.” 

Trichomania Solid Shampoo

This statistic commented by a representative of Lush really hit me: “Our creative solutions are helping the environment, like the invention of the first-ever solid shampoo bar, which saves nearly 6 million plastic bottles yearly.” Reading that made me quite excited to try the Trichomania Solid Shampoo in the hope of being able to implement it into my routine.

Lush Naked Products Trichomania Solid Shampoo

The Trichomania Solid Shampoo is so beautiful, it looks good enough to eat!

The Trichomania Solid Shampoo is very creamy and smells absolutely heavenly. It’s actually Lush’s most hydrating solid shampoo, and helps hair that has lost its moisture and needs to be tamed You can feel how moisturising it is when you hold it in your hands, and  when it’s wet you can get the product off onto your hands relatively easily. Because of the conditioning coconut this worked really well on my hair, as my hair is quite dry and damaged.

Infused with: Creamed Coconut

I found the Trichomania Solid Shampoo lathers better than the Sugar Daddy Conditioner, so it was easier to use. Simply because it is easier to gauge when you have enough product on your hair.My hair felt really soft after I rinsed it, almost like it had been conditioned already. Another thing I noticed is that the bars dries quite quickly, which is great. Who wants a slippery bar lying in the shower?  But, I’d still recommend having a dish in your shower for your Naked Products to avoid residue on the tiles etc.

Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner

The Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner is a small, purple round bar. When I smelt it, I immediately thought it smelt like Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo (The yellow one, I can’t remember the name!). The Sugar Daddy-O is perfect for blondes, because it helps to combat brassy tones. Unfortunately for me, this is something I struggle with due to highlighting my hair for many years.

Lush Sugar Daddy-O solid conditioner

Ironically, it almost looks plastic!

Infused with: A linseed infusion as well as argan oil to nourish.

As mentioned above, I found this bar did not to lather up a lot so I was worried I was doing it wrong. Consequently, I was concerned it “wasn’t working” and so I actually rubbed it on my head a bit like it was a hairbrush. Kind of like I was brushing my hair with it! Afterwards, I read online that with this bar “a little goes a long way” and while it may seem like it isn’t working or not a lot of product is transferring, it actually is!   The second time I used it, I used a lot less and it was just as effective. Because it doesn’t lather too much, I was worried my hair would feel dry and not soft. But when it dried, it was actually really sleek and soft to the touch.

Retail: R120 for 45g

After showering and once my hair had dried, it really felt extremely silky and smooth too. The coconut smell from the shampoo really lingered for a long time. Yum!

But did it work though?

Yes! For once in my life I was glad I had some brassiness because it allowed me to compare what my hair looked like post-wash. I am happy to report I could see a noticeable difference. Some streaks were especially silverly – which I LOVE! That was probably due to my vigorous application. 🙂 Both of these products really impressed me. My hair was less frizzy than usual, and felt really soft to the touch.

Other benefits of these beauties

One benefit immediately came to mind – travel! Every time I fly I fret and worry about my liquid items exploding all over my Zara knit jersey or my silky blouse. Nothing quite like opening a suitcase and something that leaked! With these bars, you literally don’t have to worry at all. They’re also a lot smaller than even a small plastic shampoo bottle, so more packing space. In fact, I put my money where my mouth is and took my bars with me to Dubai. So my little Sugar Daddy conditioner bar is sitting comfortably here in my shower as we speak.

And that’s not their only benefit: According to Lush, their solid shampoo bars, for example, are so concentrated that one will outlast three 250ml bottles of liquid shampoo! That means they are good for your wallet and the environment as well.

So, have you ever used one of Lush’s Naked Products? What was your experience? And if not, I hope after reading this post from one newbie to another you’ll be inspired. Inspired by how easy it was as well as how effective the products are to take the plunge and give one a try!

P.S. You guys know I love Lush. You can find another post on my home page talking about combating winter skin wiht Lush.


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  1. Raeesa Setar
    July 10, 2018 / 12:35 pm

    I can’t explain how excited this blog post made me!! I’m trying my best to go plastic free (it’s more difficult than I thought it would be though ?) But posts like this make me realise how doable this is over a period of time. I’ve seen these bars on social media but I’ve been waiting for a proper review like this to decide whether these are worth it or not, and I’ve just made my decision – definitely worth it! As soon as I finish my stash of taboo shampoo at home (it’s gonna last me a while though coz Dischem sales had me stocked up months ago ?) I’m gonna purchase these! I love the travel friendly aspect of these as well, and the fact that is all natural is a bonus coz I’m also trying to go chemical free wherever I can ❤ Thank you for this!

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