Food with flair – experiencing Societi Bistro’s #BistrosGoGlobal

A difficult combination to strike in a restaurant can be the balance between eloquent dining and hearty, comfort food. The first time I went to Societi Bistro, I knew I had found a restaurant who had achieved that balance. Their portions were wholesome and full, yet still of a high quality and paying a high attention to the details. In my previous post about their winter menu, we tried some of their signature dishes such as their lamb shank and the world’s most delightful creme brulee. So, when I heard that they had launched an exciting series called Bistros Go Global – showcasing food from around the world – I knew that guests would be in for something special.

A little bit more about Societi Bistro

A firm favorite amongst local Capetonians since 2003, Societi Bistro have been offering a homely environment serving up delectable bistro-styled food made from the finest, locally-sourced, organic ingredients. They describe their restaurant as more than cuisine – rather it’s a way of life – where guests take time to savor a meal and enjoy the company of family and friends. Since I’ve been in Cape Town I’ve seen so many restaurants come and go – so I know the ones that have stood the test of time have to be doing something right!

Societi Bistro Bistros Go Global

So what exactly is Bistro’s Go Global?

Bistro’s Go Global is a limited time menu offered from Societi Bistro. Since the 28 March 2018 head chef Robert Giljam has been presenting 21 menus featuring modest and traditional meals from across the globe. Each menu is available for only four days. The menu offers three courses – starter, main and dessert – and a suggested South African wine pairing (all wines are available by the glass or bottle).

We joined Societi Bistro for their Corsica menu. Now, to be totally honest I had to do a little research before going to find out a little more about Corsica! Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island and is actually a region of France. Cuisine from Corsica draws on both French and Italian influences, but has it’s own distinct character and depth of flavors.


 Charcuterie – Richard Bosman’s locally sourced selection

Something to say off the bat about Societi Bistro is that they have really good portion sizes. This is a starter portion (R81) and it is seriously impressive. This starter was a real stand-out dish for both of us. The meat was very fresh and super tasty. The way that Societi Bistro toast their bruschetta and serve with fresh butter – all kinds of yum. Honestly any low-carb diet goes out the window when bread is that delicious. Dieters best stay away!

Bistro's Go Global Societi Bistro Topknotch

This starter portion was HUGE! Wow, I was seriously impressed.


Now the mains was interesting because if you follow me regularly you’ll know I’m a complete creature of habit. And also, I’m really boring when it comes to food choices. I’m just not super adventurous when it comes to food. So, the main wasn’t one that I’d necessarily pick from a menu – but hey, sometimes the best things in life are unexpected! And I can safely say that the mains was one of those unexpected-turned-good things. You’re probably wondering what exactly this mains was? It was a delicious line fish with a squid and citrus salad. It was delightfully light, refreshing and SUPER tasty. Normally I’m that boring person who doesn’t eat fruit with savoury food but they totally have a convert here. It was truly yum.

Societi Bistro Bistros Go Global Topknotch Blog

This line fish with citrus and squid salad was a pleasant surprise for me – I’m normally quite a boring eater but LOVED this!

The fish was paired with the Steenberg Semillon. The Semillon is one of Steenberg’s flagship wines and is described as: ” a beautiful white gold colour. Aromas of citrus and pear blossom, sugar snap peas, vanilla pod, zesty tangerine and ripe, yellow stone fruit greet you upon first inspection. Lemon-infused honey flavours along with white grapefruit, fresh apricot and dried herbs complete the sensation on the palate.” ( 


Topnotch Societi Bistro Bistros Go Global

For dessert we were treated to a classic- creme caramel (R24). I thought this was the perfect way to end off the meal, as it was not too heavy at all. The flavours of creme caramel are very delicate and it makes the perfect after dinner treat!

So how delish does that menu look? We really enjoyed each dish, and if I had to pick a favorite it would probably have been the starter. The meat was so flavorsome, fresh and very tender. But, I also really enjoyed trying a new dish because it was such a pleasant surprise. That’s something really cool about this initiative – you try dishes maybe out of your usual menu! If you’re into food from around the world, this is an initiative not to be missed. Luckily for you, there are still a few countries on the menu ahead.  Take a look below who is still be showcased:

Societi Bistro Bistros Go Global Topknotch blog

I don’t know about you guys but how delicious do some of those places sound? Especially Mainland Asia. I love all Asian food and visiting Asia is one of my top destinations on my bucketlist!

Thank you Societi Bistro for having us – we truly had a magical time!

*Images supplied by Societi Bistro


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