Currently crushing on the Tabasheer Gold from Justine

Don’t you just love how a fragrance takes you back to a specific moment in time? Some of my perfumes really take me back to some of the most sentimental moments – my 21st birthday, graduating from university and then ultimately, my wedding day. Someone walks past you and it immediately transports you back to those special days.

It actually took me a while to discover what type of perfume I really liked. I’d spend hours at the perfume stand trying them all out and being almost overwhelmed (And then leaving smelling like a perfume explosion!). Some were too fruity, others too citrusy. I liked a mix, a combination. Nothing too sweet, nothing too musky. Until one day I came across the perfect combination! I discovered the balance I like – slightly oriental and a bit fruity. I think that’s why I immediately liked the Tabasheer Gold from Justine. It has this perfect balance!

Tabasheer Gold Sincerely Blonde Rachael Williams

In fact, the perfume is actually described as floriental. Floriental perfumes are a sophisticated fusion of floral and oriental notes. They blend flowers with spices, warm woods and resins to create a sensual but generally airier and lighter fragrance. I love how oriental notes are exotic and distinctly feminine but this blend definitely makes it lighter and perfect for both day and night use. It’s kind of the balance I’ve been searching for for a while!

The notes of Tabasheer Gold

The Tabasheer Gold boasts notes of rose and freesia with top notes of red berries before softening into romantic patchouli and vanilla.  I love how the fragrance “settles”. Within thirty minutes or so it has developed and settled into a beautiful and rich scent that doesn’t overpower but still speaks volumes. The scent isn’t too fruity so I can actually see myself wearing this throughout the year and not just in summer! Because it’s so feminine and with the notes of patchouli and vanilla it made a perfect scent for the month of February aka the month of love. It was a great accompaniment to finish off my outfit for my Valentines Day dinner. <3

Tabasheer Gold Justine Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde

What’s inside counts.. but a pretty bottle doesn’t hurt!

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the pretty bottle the Tabasheer Gold comes in. It’s a slim, petite bottle that is frosted gold. The bottle is heavily weighted which makes it feel luxurious!

How to apply scent correctly

Did you know that there are certain areas to spray perfume for longer lasting scent? If you’re like me, you just give a few crazy sprays as you rush out the door! Most people apply perfume primarily onto their wrists and neck. However, these areas are not the only spots that are good for holding onto a scent for longer! Other heat-retaining areas such as behind your ears, on the insides of your elbows or even behind your knees!  In addition to these, your hair will also hold onto the scent quite well!

Tabasheer Gold Justine Rachael Williams

If you’d like to shop the range, Justine actually has an online store! You can shop all your favorites  here or contact a representative.

*This post was in collaboration with Justine.


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