My fave Sunstar GUM products for National Fresh Breath Month

Because its National Fresh Breath Month, Sunstar GUM were kind enough to send me a #FreshBreathPowerKit. So, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite products from the range.

Sunstar GUM Sincerely Blonde Rachael Williams.J

My favorite Sunstar GUM products

My first favorite is the Expanding Floss. I have to be honest, I have really struggled to be a regular flosser and have just never understood people who do it with ease. I just find it a mission! However I have really enjoyed the Sunstar GUM Expanding Floss as it easy to insert and gets between even between the smallest spaces and expands during use. So it’s suitable for those with receding gums or sensitive gums as well. Here’s hoping I can become a regular flosser.

I also love Sunstar GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner which helps to effectively remove plaque and food debris from the surface of the tongue. There’s nothing worse than coffee breath due to the drink staying behind on your tongue- sometimes even after you’ve brushed your teeth! Research has shown that actually most of the bacteria in the mouth live on the surface of the tongue, and that the tongue is one of the most common sources of oral malodor.

Sunstar GUM Sincerely Blonde

These help to clean the tongue effectively and get rid of any left over food or drink. Also reasonably priced at R57.

The Technique+ toothbrush

I also love that the Technique+ toothbrush comes with a nifty travel cover to protect the brush. I really hate just chucking my brush in the toiletary bag – it freaks me out! It also has a great non-slip grip. The specially designed bristles are designed to clean below the gumline to help reduce plaque, gingival inflammation and bleeding.

I normally prefer medium hardness with a toothbrush so when I repurchase I’ll get a medium rather than a soft. Apparently soft is better for your teeth but personally I just prefer medium hardness.

I also quite enjoyed the mouth wash. Mouth wash for me really helps my teeth to feel clean throughout the day! The Sunstar GUM mouthwash contains StainClear. StainClear helps to remove stains from in-between the teeth and the tiny crevices in tooth enamel. It’s also made with a patented combination of fluoride, Isomalt and vitamins to deliver advanced mineralisation for stronger and shinier teeth. This will also help to prevent further staining.

What is an effective oral care routine?

If you’re wondering what exactly an effective daily oral care routine looks like, here are four simple steps you can incorporate to ensure great dental health: 

  1. Brush correctly twice a day for two minutes each time.
  2. Floss or clean in-between every day with whatever interdental tool suits you best.
  3. Remove plaque and food debris from the surface of your tongue by gently scraping the tongue once a day using a GUM Tongue Cleaner.
  4. For added fresh breath confidence rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash like GUM Original White rinse

Thank you Sunstar GUM for the awesome gift

This was a press drop with no requirement of a post. All views are my own and I was not compensated for this post.

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