Elizabeth Arden Love Heals x Eight Hour Limited Edition Range is GORGEOUS!

I literally remember my first introduction to Eight Hour cream. My mom bought it for me for Christmas and said she had been a fan of it for years. At this point I was barely 20 and crazy into makeup, not skincare. But being an enthusiast of trying all things new I embraced it with open arms and it’s been a staple in my collection ever since. Now the Love Heals X Eight Hour Limited Edition range is here and I’m a little in love all over again.

Love Heals X Eight Hour Sincerely Blonde

So if you’re wondering what exactly the Eight Hour Cream is and why the heck people adore it so much, keep reading because I’m going to provide you with my list really soon. But lets first chat about the Love Heals X Eight Hour range and why it’s just so pretty.

Love Heals X Eight Hour Limited Edition Range

In honour of celebrating the 88th anniversary of the iconic 8 hour, Elizabeth Arden partnered with internationally acclaimed muralist James Goldcrown, (best known for his Insta-famous #lovewall), to create a unified message of love through the new Limited Edition Love Heals x Eight Hour® Collection. James’ #lovewalls are simply stunning – I love the heart graffiti and it looks absolutely amazing on the Eight Hour collection. Same product, gorgeous limited edition packaging!

Love Heals X Eight Hour Sincerely Blonde

The celebratory Limited Edition collection includes the original Eight Hour cream as well as the Eight Hour® Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF15 (which retails for R235.00). The Lip Protectant stick is enriched with intensive moisturizers, Vitamin E and SPF 15 to help relieve chapped, cracked lips due to dryness. It’s basically a solid form of the 8 hour cream and I used it all summer long. Not only is the packaging totally gorgeous, but it leaves your lips super soft. Because of the size it’s also perfect for your purse or handbag.

Love Heals X Eight Hour Sincerely Blonde

My five favorite uses for the 8 hour cream

  1. I’ll start with the most obvious / common reason : dry lips! Honestly this stuff is like a miracle bomb when it comes to dry or chapped lips in the winter. When my lips feel especially sensitive, I lather a bunch on before I go to sleep and I find my lips feel amazing in the morning. Because it’s quite shiny it gives your lips a little gloss too.
  2. Cracked or dry cuticles. I’ve tried so many hand creams. But I still find it doesn’t help! One of my standout 8 hour cream uses is for my dry cuticles. I’m pretty liberal with the amounts I apply (to be honest!!) and I apply a big glob to each cuticle during winter or when skin feels dry.  I always see an improvement in the morning!
  3.  Taming my eyebrows. I place a tiny amount onto my eyebrow spoolie and shape my brows. It keeps them in place all day! It gives the brows a natural look.
  4. Removing stubborn mascara. Sometimes you have that tiny bit of stubborn waterproof mascara. I find adding a dash to a cotton wool pad and rubbing my eye gets that last bit off. It’s very gentle on your eyes!
  5. If you like a slight dewy complexion, I’ve tried before to add a little 8 hour cream where I would normally put highlighter. It’s nice because it’s reflective but doesn’t add any colour. Apply a little as it goes a long way. You don’t want to look too shiny!

Love Heals X Eight Hour Sincerely Blonde

There are many more uses for the 8 hour cream, and it’s hailed by makeup artists all over the world as a firm favorite in their collection. With good reason! If I had to compile a list of my favourite top ten products, the 8 hour cream would be on it for sure. (And hopefully it would have the amazing Love Heals design on it still!)


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  1. February 20, 2019 / 7:08 pm

    Great post, I might just give these a try now … Seems like a winter winner when it comes to skin

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