Experiencing pintxos at Sotano on Bree

Now before you skim over this review because you have no clue what on earth pintxos are, keep reading. It took me several attempts to get the spelling right! But simply put, pintxos are small snacks typically eaten in bars in Spain – most of them on a toothpick! And don’t let pronouncing it put you off either, simply “peen-chos“. Sotano on Bree have a fabulous new pintxos offering between 5pm – 7pm and I’m super glad we got to check it out.

Most Cape-Tonians know that leaving the city centre after 5pm is an absolute nightmare. Well, this little gem might be the perfect spot to fill that afterwork hunger, sip on a good cocktail and relax with friends. Now might be a good time to mention that the pintxos start at just R8. Yip, R8 people!

There’s a little something on the menu for everyone, from those who prefer bread and carby foods to some vegetarian offerings too.

Sincerely Blonde Rachael Williams Pinxtos sotano on bree

Sotano on Bree brings you pinxtos!

Now because there’s a lot available, naturally I didn’t try everything (although I made a good attempt!) so I’ll just be speaking on the ones I tried. Firstly, it was a cold evening when we went so the small bite sized bowl of shin and mash was immediately a standout for me. The gravy was thick, hearty and flavoursome. Best of all, the meat was soft and melt-in-your-mouth like.

Sincerely Blonde Sotano on Bree Pinxtos

Beef shin and mash!

Another standout for me was the prosciutto on a mini baguette (R20). Personally I would have liked to have added some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but it was still very tasty! It was an olive bread and the prosciutto was just fab. The peeps at Sotano on Bree were also generous enough to slice up some of their chorizo for us (one of my all-time favorites!). The chorizo had the perfect amount of spice to it, slightly peppery and tender. I could easily have smuggled some of that home, it was so yum!

Sincerely Blonde Sotano on Bree Pinxtos

The ham and cheese balls were also a winner for me (I didn’t enjoy the hake ones as much) as they had the perfect ratio of ham to cheese. The salt in the ham came through, and I sheepishly ordered a second, blaming it on Cam wanting more. 🙂

A selection of baguettes..

I decided to push my boundaries a little and try the anchovy, aioli and cream cheese on a baguette (R18). Anchovy is not something I’d usually go for, I’m not really attracted to this small, salty little fish. However, it pleasantly surprised me! The cream cheese mixed with the anchovy was really good and something that in future I’d actually reorder.

They also have some delightful little skewers for R8. Think items like olives, pepperdews, anchovies.. cream cheese.. Yup, they had some amazing combinations. My personal fave was the cream cheese stuffed pepperdew with green and black olive.

Lastly also tried the much-raved above calamari cone (R25) which is basically calamari served in a little cone. Not much else – but in it’s simplicity it is incredibly moreish. The batter isn’t too heavy and the rings are small and dainty. It’s the kind of pintxos that you definitely won’t be keen to share!

Delish cocktails!

And I just have to give a little mention to their amazing cocktail offering. I had the Sotano Cosmo and would happily go back for that alone! Let’s just take a little moment for the gorgeous presentation too.

Sincerely Blonde Sotano on Bree Pinxtos

Give Sotano on Bree a try!

Looking for a spot for a good cocktail and some nibbles. Pen down Sotano on Bree to your list of CT spots to try. When it comes to good, well priced eats perfect social get togethers, Sotano on Bree really gets it right!


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