My favourite Avene products and why I love this brand SO much!

Let’s talk about Avene, the perfect range for sensitive skin.

Being a blogger can be such a rewarding yet daunting task. People are forever asking about certain ranges and products and wondering if it will target a specific issue they are facing. I always feel daunted by this – someone taking their hard earned money and buying a product that I have recommended!  This can be such a huge responsibility!  Especially because everyone has different skin types and concerns so what works for me might be ineffective for you. And vice versa. However there are a few brands that are so consistent and effective that I feel such assurance in recommending. Because they work so well for some many different concerns and skintypes, and they’re just so freaking good! Avene skincare is one of those brands. 

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Avene was a buzzword I started hearing when I first started blogging. I hadn’t tried them as a teenager (and I REALLY wish I had). There’s a few cult favourites that you just start hearing as soon as you dip your toe into beauty and skincare. So with all the talk, I knew I had to try this brand and see for myself what all the fuss was about. Since then, they’ve been a firm favourite in my skincare routine and I recommend them to people ALL.THE.TIME!

Some things I really love about Avene

Avene is completely suitable for sensitive skin

In relation to it’s competitors, it’s affordable.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than some popular drugstore brands but it still fits very largely into the “affordable category”. Most of the products retail in the R200 range and are relatively decent in product size. If you’re on a budget, watch out for the 3 for 2 specials that Clicks and Dischem sometimes run. That way you can maximise your savings but still get tip top quality products

It works for the family.

I love that I can use these products, and Cam (my hubby, for those new here) can totally use them too. They’re not heavily scented or feminine, so men can enjoy these products without being conscious that they smell too perfumey. I’ve even recommended them to a few teenagers and they’ve loved it too. It’s so great when a product can be used and enjoyed by various age groups and demographics! 

Contains Eau Thermal.

We all know that the French are famous for their gorgeous skin and youthful appearance. Well Avene have a little bit of that French magic potion in their products and it’s amazing. Originating as rain, Avène Thermal Spring Water follows a 50-year journey through the Cevennes Mountain aquifer emerging clean and pure in the small French village of Avène, where it is bottled directly from the source.

Simple and clear ranges targeting difference concerns.

Honesty I love all the fancy packaging we are seeing in stores today and creative product names, however it can also be straight up confusing as to what or who the product is actually aimed at. I love you that know that the Hydrance range is targeting hydration. These little things make skincare a lot easier when you buy products that actually target your concerns.

A few of my Avene favorites:

  1. The Avene Hydrance Mask

In fact I’m such a huge fan of this mask it received its own dedicated blog post. This mask is amazing! It’s incredibly soothing and calming, leaving the skin happy as can be. Check it out if your skin needs some TLC or if you’re planning a procedure such as microneedling in the near future.

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Read more: Avene Hydrance Mask

In fact some people even use it as an overnight mask, which I quickly cottoned on to and tried myself. It’s super nourishing so expect to wake up with happy skin.

2. The Avene Cleansing Foam

When I added this to my skincare routine it was one of those “love at first sight” moments. There’s nothing worse than a cleanser that leaves your skin dry and tight. This cleansing milk is a foamy texture that as your massage into your skin becomes more and more creamy. It’s a lightweight formula with a mattifying effect.  We all know the importance of washing off the days impurities and dirt and this mild, gentle cleanser works like a charm. 

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Like all Avene products, it’s very gentle and it leaves your skin feeling clean but not tight. I asked Cam what his favorite skincare products of mine are, and this was one of the first he mentioned! The Cleansing Foam is a staple in my routine for sure- and a GREAT purchase as a solid cleanser for anyone.

3. Avene Solaire Anti-Age Sunscreen

Finding great facial sunscreens is tricky. I hate a formula that looks and feels like a kiddies body sunscreen – thick, white and smelly. The Avene Solaire Anti-Age SPF50 is none of that. It’s an extremely broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB protection and protects against free-radicals. It is formulated to combat photo-induced ageing, and more than that- to be kind to the environment. Yes, the formula is biodegradable and is developed to minimize impact on the marine ecosystem.

I just love that it’s mattifying the most. My face doesn’t like shiny or sticky and I apply my foundation straight over it!

4. Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

It’s a cult classic for a reason – in all its glory with it’s soothing and anti-irritating qualities. Honestly I’ve never been completely huge into facial sprays. While I enjoy them and find them very fun to use I was never quite sure if they served a purpose. Until I started using this one!! It helps so much with irritated or sensitive skin. 

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I have naturally red cheeks and when I’ve exercised – wow I go red!! I find a spritz of this really helps to calm my face down and return my redness to normal level. Hehe. But generally I use this throughout the day, when travelling and more. Its uses are so diverse and I know it’s even safe for babies.

Uses for the Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray:

Its uses include soothing redness, irritation, itching, burns (including erythema from radiation therapy), and eye dermatitis; calming and soothing skin post-hair-removal or after dermatological procedures; revitalising skin during travel or exercise; setting makeup; and much more.

What sets it apart?

“Avène Thermal Spring Water’s properties come from its unique and original composition. With a low mineral content and neutral pH, it is ion balanced with bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium. It also contains a large diversity of skin-enhancing trace elements. Avène Thermal Spring Water is naturally beneficial to sensitive skin (even the most irritated)” – Taken directly from the Avene website

5. The Trixera Nutri-Fluid Lotion for Face and Body

This is actually a new launch in the Avene range and I received it at an Avene event not too long ago. It’s a large bottle (400ml) and is suitable for face and body (although I only use on my body). The reason this made it to the list is how fast absorbing it is!! I find it so frustrating applying a body cream that takes absolutely ages to absorb. It’s very nourishing and perfect for winter.

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I can definitely see myself making my way through this bottle all winter. It leaves your skin supple, hydrated and free from dryness completely.

So there you have a little round up of my favourite Avene skincare products. Have you ever tried Avene, and if so – which are your favorites? 


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  1. Siya Keswa
    August 4, 2020 / 7:14 pm

    Thank you Rachel for this insightful review. I am now inspired to out this range since I have super sensitive and dry skin:-)

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