Dermaclinical launches in South Africa! (You’ll love them!)

Don’t we just love proudly South African beauty brands? There is just something fantastic about supporting local! Well, the good news is that there is a new local (and amazing) skincare brand. Say hello to Dermaclinical – launched by Debbie Wolfendale. Debbie has over 30 years of working alongside industry specialists and is deeply in-tune with the skincare concerns we face as individuals. She took all this knowledge and experience and Dermaclinical was born.

Dermaclinical My Skin Brighter Mega brightening serum rachael williams sincerely blonde

Dermaclinical – Skincare simplified

First and foremost – Dermaclinical does not test on animals, contains no synthetic fragrances and their products contain no parabens! Every product came as a result of years and years of research and clinical studies. And something else I just love is: For me the beauty of Dermaclinical is how easy it is to understand for the consumer. The products have been broken down into six ranges addressing different concerns:

  • My skin cleaner
  • My skin brighter
  • My skin clearer
  • My skin / body younger
  • My skin protected
  • My eyes younger

You can find out all about these different ranges and what they are targeting on their website.

Here’s a bit more about their mission:

With the marketing noise and false statements being made in our industry, the consumer is confused and un-trusting. A solution was needed, so we set out to find them in the best compounding laboratories around the world.

We have sourced formulae from different labs, each subject matter experts in their own fields: acne, pigmentation and aging. The formulae we chose had to show real measurable results, both visually and by using the Ultra Sound Dermascan medical equipment.

Debbie Wolfendale- CEO

I’m going to talk a bit about one of the ranges which has really impressed me – My Skin Brighter.

Dermaclinical My Skin Brighter Mega brightening serum rachael williams sincerely blonde

My Skin Brighter from Dermaclinical

If you’re like me and you’re concerned about pigmentation and skin brightening – this range is for you! It is fully dedicated to visible skin lightening & brightening, bringing the skin to an even tone. It is especially effective for severe types of hyperpigmentation such as Melasma.

The range contains complexes include cutting edge peptides to target skin pigmentation in the short and long term. Furthermore, they also contain concentrated active skin brightening concentrates that are added to either the base cream or base serum. These concentrated skin lightening additives are available either in the form of an additive powder or a liquid called Arbutase.

Personally I’ve been using the My Skin Brighter Mega 3 Brightening Serum and I really love it! It’s a lightweight, fast absorbing serum. Basically this product is a blend of peptides and botanicals that take aim at melanin. As we know with pigmentation – it’s sadly a lot more about managing it than curing it. In order to manage it, it is essential to address the cause of the stimulation.

dermaclinical launches debbie wolfendale

Key benefits of the My Skin Brighter serum

  •  Brightens and promotes even skin tone
  •  Supports melanin-inhibiting action
  •  Hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • Enhances radiance and glow

I’ve been using this consistently for two months and am very happy with my skin texture and appearance. I’m actually going to get my husband, Cam, to try this product as he is a pilot and unfortunately is exposed to sun all day every day! I am very keen to put together a skincare routine just for him and think this serum should be included.

Where can you purchase the range?

In this day and age it’s essential for a brand to be available online. And that’s exactly what Dermaclinical has done. You can shop the whole range online here.


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