Looking for a mascara for longer, fuller lashes?

I’m constantly on the hunt for a well-priced mascara for longer, fuller lashes that stay looking good throughout the day. I’m talking minimal fallout and flakiness, fanned out lashes. Well, recently I think I found the top contender of 2019 – Nyx Worth the Hype mascara. Keep reading to find out why…

The Worth the Hype mascara has been one of Nyx’s best received products of late. It’s garnered a lot of positive reviews and I can honestly see why. It really does what it promises to do- build longer, fuller lashes on even the babiest of hairs. Have a look at my video showing an application demo:

Nyx Worth the Hype Mascara

Breaking down the Worth the Hype offering

  1. Available in Black, Brown, Purple and Blue
  2. Retails for R169 from Clicks or stand-a-alone Nyx stores
  3. Features a brush that tapers at the tip, so you can brush, build, and lengthen even the littlest baby lashes at the inner corners of your eyes.

How is the brush

Nyx Worth the Hype Mascara Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde

The brush tapers on the end – it’s quite round and does pick up some extra product- but not too badly. The tapering at the end really does help to get the fine hairs on the corner of the eye.

Wear Test

As you can see in the video, I’m really happy with how the mascara looks throughout the day. I wore it for over 12 hours and was pretty ‘active’ throughout the day. (By active I mean I went grocery shopping, ran errands, carted items from my car to my flat etc…not exactly gym but still a lot of activity!!) The mascara managed to stay put and didn’t leave racoon eyes by evening. I also loved that my lashes still looked pretty full by the end of the evening – not tired or worn out at all.


I’m a beauty blogger so generally I have quite a lot of options to choose from when I do my makeup in the morning. So if I reach for the same mascara everyday for two weeks, you know it’s impressed me. The Nyx Worth the Hype is a fantastic drugstore mascara, it’s buildable, non-drying and really does have a great brush. I can definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re in the market!


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