The Cadbury’s Little Generosity Shop is in Cape Town!

Last week I got to visit the Cadbury Little Generosity Shop on its first day at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre. The initiative is just so exciting that I couldn’t wait to come home and share it with all of you guys! The Little Generosity Shop really spreads a message of kindness and giving – something that we can all use a lot more of!

The Cadbury’s Little Generosity Shop

The Little Generosity Shop is an initiative by Cadburys encouraging people from all around South Africa to donate toys to children in need. When you bring in your toys, you will get slabs of Cadbury chocolate in exchange! When asked how the idea came about, Lara Sidersky (Mondelez Catergory Lead for Chocolate) said that when they heard that there are millions of children in need in South Africa they were quite taken aback. They wanted to shine a light on this issue and create a platform where South Africans can show their generosity by donating their games, toys or books to these children in need.

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A personalised donation

While true generosity doesn’t ask for any reward, Cadbury will be thanking South Africa for showing that “there’s a glass and a half” in everyone by handing over a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, in exchange for donations at the Little Generosity Shop

Little Generosity Shop Cadbury

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I also love how the campaign encourages people to bring toys both new and old. They talk about how used toys have amazing memories, and in a way it’s like you’re passing them on to the child who receives the toy. People who drop off toys have an opportunity to write a personalised note about the toy that will be passed on to the child.

Cadbury Little Generosity Shop

Me with my chocolate slabs..I donated four toys – one of them being a pack of Uno that has MANY happy memories for me. I hope whoever gets it is able to have loads of fun experiences with it too!

Would you like to watch my experience? I included it in my latest vlog!

Calling a Cape-Tonians

The Cadbury’s Little Generosity Shop will be at Canal Walk until the 5th of August. Make sure to pop in with your old toys, books or games and get your slabs of chocolate.  So far they have collected almost 40 000 toys and the number is still climbing. Let’s all try to be extra generous this month and create joy for children who will be so happy to receive these amazing toys!



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