Introducing the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

This was a PR gift from the fabulous Elizabeth Arden. All views are my own!

I have a reputation amongst friends and family. I’m Elizabeth Arden obsessed. This should also come as no surprise to any of my followers – I am forever talking about their skincare and makeup. Elizabeth Arden makeup is actually what got me into blogging originally – I was just completely fixated on their products! Over the years, my love for this brand has never died down. Recently they launched the new Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment – and I realised all over again that Elizabeth Arden are real players in the skincare game!

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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal

Introducing an at-home face peel treatment

Honestly I don’t even know where to begin- I love this product so much. The Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment is an intensive 4-week at-home face peeling treatment formulated to provide increasingly stronger resurfacing benefits. It also includes powerful antioxidant protection to reveal smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin.

The Prevage Progressive Renewal treatment- packed with powerhouse ingredients!

This Prevage treatment promises to help jumpstart skin renewal and protect newly-revealed skin cells from environmental aggressors.

The renewal treatment comes in a set of four bottles that contain AHA’s and PHA’s. These stand for Alpha Hydroxy Acids and the next generation Polyhydroxy acids. Hydroxy acids are naturally derived acids that gently exfoliate surface skin cells. The hydroxy acid resurfacing power increases gradually over 4 weeks to condition your skin for the stronger levels of acid at the end of the treatment.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal

How do AHA’s work?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are long known as the queens of exfoliation! They work by melting the intercellular glue that holds our skin cells together, to help the skin’s natural shedding process. But the Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment is unique in that it also contains PHA’s as well as Idebenone.


PHAs have larger molecules and offer gentler exfoliation when compared to AHAs, plus PHAs have other benefits like moisturization and skin barrier strengthening.

And the inclusion of Idebenone

I have personally never heard of Idebenone before, but I learnt that it is a supercharged antioxidant! It helps to protect against environmental aggressors that lead to the visible signs of premature ageing.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal

Why do the ampoules increase in strength over time?

This is to prepare the skin over time for optimal resurfacing benefits. Additionally, it will help adjust your skin which lessens the potential for irritation. This is especially helpful for individuals who have not used many AHA’s before and will need their skin to adjust!

What the product promises

It promises radiance and clarity in the first week. Then, by the second week fine lines and pores should be diminished. Within week three, deeper lines should be reduced as well. By week four, skin should look younger and the tone should be even.

My experience with the Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

Unfortunately my journey was broken into two parts! But, surprisingly it didn’t affect the results. I took a break after week one as my skin was experiencing some sensitivity. The sensitivity actually wasn’t from the product, my skin was just very dry and irritated from the harsh Cape Town cold! So I thought it was best to take a break and continue the next week.

However I loved this product from the beginning! You wake up with your skin feeling smooth and soft. Additionally it doesn’t feel dry or dehydrated, as some AHA products can do. I think that must be due to the addition of PHA’s, which help with moisturisation and the skin barrier!

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal

Personally I have used quite a lot of products with AHA’s in, so my skin could handle the strength quite well. I did definitely notice a difference in my skin texture as well as a reduction in the pore size on the skin around my nose. Surprisingly, I actually ended up with a bit of product left over from each week, so I apply it once or twice per week.

As mentioned above, while using the Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment I was reminded all over again how much I enjoy Elizabeth Arden skincare! This brand continues to innovate and keeps reminding us of their relevant and effective offerings. It’s often said “you get what you pay for” and in this case, by spending that little bit extra you can such a well-formulated, effective product.

Do I think the Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment is worth the pricetag?

The Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment is a higher end product. It retails for R2100 for the four week treatment. However, when I look at what one pays for a facial or chemical peel it really puts this products value into perspective. You are getting an intensive four week treatment that leaves your skin soft, toned and radiant for the price of 2 or 3 facials. And trust me when I say – at the end of the four weeks your skill will look amazing!

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal

I’ve recommend this to a few people who have said to me they are really needing something a little ‘more’ than just their everyday skincare routine. Something to exfoliate the skin and leave it looking radiant. I love that this product increases in intensity, making it more suitable for those with sensitive skin. Winter is a fantastic time to use these sorts of products as one spends less time in the harsh sun.

Lastly, if you’re keen to read about more of my favorite Elizabeth Arden items, make a quick search on my blog! But I’d recommend you start with the Retinol Ceramide capsules – they are just amazing! 



  1. July 10, 2019 / 11:10 am

    Love the pics and also really enjoyed this product!

  2. candice
    July 10, 2019 / 6:42 pm

    I am such a fan of this range, it’s done wonders for my skin.

    Candice x

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