Sorbet unveils their new 365 Skin Workout range!

Recently I attended an amazing event in Johannesburg launching an all new skincare range. It was really exciting to learn all about a new range that is packed full of all the good stuff and free from all the nasties such as paraben, lanolin, mineral oil and perfume. And that launch was none other than the new Sorbet 365 Skin Workout range!

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Sorbet 365 Skin Workout Sincerely Blonde

Introducing the new 365 Skin Workout from Sorbet- a workout for your skin!

Inspiration behind the range

According to Petru Van Zyl, founder and CEO of 365 Skin Workout from Sorbet, the range works as such: in order to build muscle and fitness in our bodies, consistent training is key. Likewise the 365 range collaborates with your skin to include the inside training and strength building it needs every day, all year, in order to shape its barrier function to its personal best and maintain it.

The range successfully divides its product line into the four stages of any given workout: Warm Up, Cardio, Strength Training and Cool Down – all of which come with their own active ingredients, for inspired results.

There are five 365 Skin kits and the include:

  • Renew – for ageing skin
  • Bright – for hyper pigmented skin
  • Restore – for sensitive skin
  • Balance – for problematic skin
  • Healthy – for all skin types.

Understanding your skin and what it needs

On top of unveiling an exciting new range, the Sorbet 365 Skin Workout launch also includes a new supersonic skin scanner. This is a revolutionary product and is designed for accurate skin analysis – it’s able to quickly detect UV damage, cellular activity, wrinkle depth, hydration levels and more.

Sorbet 365 Skin Workout Sincerely Blonde

To be honest, I was pretty nervous about seeing my results. It took me YEARS to get into a regular routine of wearing sunscreen everyday. Because of that, I was expecting to see some possibly shocking results. However, I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised – for most categories my ‘skin age’ came in under my actual age. I’m 27 and most of mine were around 24/25! The analysis was great because it gave me valuable information on what I should be targeting. To be honest, I could see quite a lot of damage from blue light (Screens!) so I’m trying to be a bit more mindful about that.

What I’ve been using and enjoying from the Sorbet 365 Skin Workout Range

I’ve tried the 365 Skin Workout Specialised Active Eye Cream, the Instant Hydrating Mask as well as the Defence 30+ SPF. I haven’t used any of the products long enough to do a full review, however so far my first impressions are really positive.

Sorbet 365 Skin Workout Sincerely Blonde

In particular, I’m very fond of the Defence SPF30+. I packed a bag in a rush for a weekend away and grabbed this SPF- so glad I did! It absorbs very quickly, has a great texture and doesn’t have an overly strong sunscreeny-smell – my pet hate! I also like that the Instant Hydrating Mask only has to be used for 3 minutes. It works perfectly for a before makeup pick-me-up in the mornings and has become a regular in my routine. It’s infused with Hyaluronic Acid to give much needed hydration – especially in winter!

Lookout for further full reviews of products, especially on my Instagram page! 

Where is the range available?

The 365 Skin Workout Range is now available at all the Sorbet Salons nationwide.

I had so much fun at the launch and am totally loving the range so far! Look out for further reviews!


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