Getting my blonde back with the John Frieda Highlight Activating Range

I’ve spoken at length about the perils with my hair. People frequently compliment me on how long it is, its blonde color and its natural wave. All those things are great things. However, that doesn’t make my mop of hair any easier to manage. My hair is exceptionally thick, hard to brush and, due to highlighting – prone to brassy tones. Lately I decided to put the John Frieda Highlight Activating range to the test. I also tried their hair mask and a styling serum! So, without further discussion let’s get down to the results. 


I absolutely love the amazing variety of options John Frieda has for blondes. They have purple shampoos as well as highlight activators.

My experience with the John Frieda Highlight Activating Shampoo and Conditioner

I think it’s pretty clear to see from the photos that my hair was looking pretty dull and yellowed before I washed it. I am in desperate need of highlights, and while this shampoo doesn’t replace getting highlights, it does help your hair to look a lot brighter, white and just more fabulous between highlighting. Most blondes know that after highlighting your hair looks fabulous for a month or two and then… brassy tones set it. Purple shampoo is also very helpful for this, of which John Frieda offer as well. 

So let’s start with how my hair look before I used the shampoo – it was looking very brassy and unkempt!


John Frieda Blonde Activating Shampoo Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde.png

During washing my hair, I really enjoyed the formula of the shampoo and conditioner. It felt really nice and lathered very well. I actually also used the John Frieda Frizz Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner Mask, leaving on the bottom half of my hair for a few minutes. (I don’t use a hair mask on my roots as I find it makes them oily pretty quickly!

More about the Highlight Activating Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner helps to reactivate faded highlights between salon visits. It aims to help you achieve a more natural looking blonde. The products contain Avocado Oil and Vitamin C. They aim to remove dulling buildup and hydrate the hair to help it look more vibrant and energised. It leaves the hair shiny, healthy and manageable.

So these products don’t deposit any colour or lighten up your hair, but rather they help to remove product build-up that can make blonde hair appear dark and dull.

John Frieda miraculous recovery mask Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde.png

From the picture you can immediately see the difference. My hair looks much less yellow and also it was surprising soft to the touch. The real bonus came when I was brushing my hair – it was SO easy to brush. You can also see from the after picture that my hair also looks a lot more sleek and less frizzy- I think this is due to the mask!


john frieda blonde activating shampoo before and after

It looks like I straightened by hair, but I didn’t 🙂 I use my Tangle Teezer on my hair when it’s wet with styling products.

So we can definitely see how amazing my hair looks in this pic! Also, I’ve noticed whenever I used this combination of products my hair looks pretty sleek for quite a few days actually. While my hair wasn’t miraculously white (this product doesn’t promise that- as it doesn’t deposit any colour) it looked a lot brighten and lively, noticeably so. Especially when I finish off with the John Frieda 6 Effects Serum. I put the serum in wet hair and either leave as is or blow dry after that. The serum helps to eliminate frizz, protect from heat, smooth, hydrate and tames! It is incredibly lightweight and leaves the hair feeling very soft to the touch.

John Frieda 6 Effects Serum Sincerely Blonde

I’m very excited about this serum as I am well aware of the damage that highlighting and heat tools such as a GHD can do to ones hair. I really enjoy the feeling of this serum and not to mention how cute the bottle is. It’s also very cost-effective at R115,99 at Clicks. So pocket-friendly!

I’m really happy with the results of this shampoo and conditioner and will definately be using it whenever my blonde locks need a pick-me-up. I think it comes in at a fabulous price point and can be picked up at your local Clicks – and they’re often on 3 for 2 offers as well! 


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  1. Jolene Krantz
    September 5, 2019 / 10:12 am

    Your hair looks amazing.
    So glad you mentioned the serum as I have been contemplating purchasing it – now I will.
    Is the shampoo sulphate free?

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