Introducing The Wanted Girl from Azzaro

There’s a brand new scent hitting our shelves and I am officially IN LOVE! Say hello to the Wanted Girl from Azzaro- a charming, feminine yet strong floral oriental scent.


What notes are in The Wanted Girl by Azzaro

For me, I love a perfume to have a slight sweetness but not overwhelmingly so. The Wanted Girl has some very feminine notes that are balanced out. It hits just the spot! It contains the following:

Top notes: Ginger blossom, orange blossom, pink pepper, pomegranate

Heart: Datura, Dulce De Leche

Base: Haitian Vetiver, Tonka & Patchouli Essence


My First Impressions:

From my first experience with this perfume I knew it would definitely be a keeper in my collection! Firstly, I loved the packaging and look of the bottle- the clear glass design is described as a blossoming flower. The bottle looks luxurious and of a high quality. The honey-colored perfume reflects the warm scent and I love the ring pull design, which releases the fragrance.

I also loved both the initial scent of the perfume and how it settled. I didn’t find it to be overpowering at all, however it still commands attention. From the first day that I wore this scent, I had quite a few compliments and queries as to what perfume I was wearing!


Something else that has certainly struck my attention is the perfumes staying power. There have been a few scents in the past that I have really enjoyed but ended up not repurchasing as they had terrible staying power. You want your scent to last through the day! While it may not be equally strong the entire day, you want there to be a delightful lingering scent that you notice on and off. The Wanted Girl from Azzaro really gets it right here- it lasts incredibly well!

Perfume Application Tips

When it comes to perfume, something that is really important is making sure that you apply it correctly! 

Most people (me included!) apply perfume primarily onto their wrists and neck. However, these areas are not the only spots that are good for holding onto a scent for longer! Other heat-retaining areas, such as behind your ears, on the insides of your elbows or even behind your knees are therefore also great to remember when applying perfume that you want to last you for the whole day. In addition to these, your hair will also hold onto the scent quite well!


Where is Azzaro Wanted Girl available?

Some of the stores Azzaro Perfumes are available from are Clicks, Woolworths and Superbalist. RRP are R940 for 30ml, R1350 for 50ml and R1720 for 80ml.

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*This post was in collaboration with Azzaro



  1. September 12, 2019 / 8:45 am

    Today I learned about a new spot to apply perfume. Behind the knees. The bottle is so cute.

  2. candice
    September 12, 2019 / 1:54 pm

    The bottle design looks really pretty

    Candice ||

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