It’s National Oral Health Month and Sunstar GUM are making it as easy as 123!

Did you know that September is National Oral Health Month?  Oral Health is something that is so easily overlooked! Actually, as two of the world’s most common health problems affect the mouth – cavities (dental caries) and gum disease this is a topic that should be getting MUCH more attention. Thanks to Sunstar GUM, looking after your dental hygiene is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Yip, by brushing, flossing and rinsing you’ll be able to maintain your beautiful, healthy smile.

SunStar Gum Healthy Smiles 123

 The 3 most important steps for good oral health: brush, floss and rinse.


  1. Brush: Brush correctly twice a day for two minutes each time.

Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic Toothbrush (R245) – sleek, stylish and comfortable to use, the Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic Toothbrush provides extra power for a healthy mouth and super clean teeth and gums. The ultra-tapered bristles are scientifically proven to remove up to 50% more plaque from between the teeth than a manual brush and reach deeper below the gumline. If you’d like to buy replacement heads they are R86 for a 2-pack.

SunStar Gum Healthy Smiles 123  Sunstar Toothbrush

Unfortunately Cam stole my brush the second I opened it – he has sensitive gums and absolutely adores this brush! The sonic leaves your teeth feeling extra clean.

We generally use the GUM Original White toothpaste (R58) It contains low-abrasive micro-silica to gently remove surface stains and a unique StainClear agent to help dissolve stains in hard-to-reach areas. It also leaves your breath extra fresh – I find some toothpastes aren’t minty enough and don’t do a good enough job at keeping your breath fresh throughout the day!

  1. Clean In-Between: Floss or clean in-between every day with whatever interdental tool suits you best.

SunStar Gum Healthy Smiles 123  floss

  • GUM Original White floss (R56) – contains fluoride and special micronized high cleaning silica in the outer wax that makes it about four times more effective than regular floss at removing stains between the teeth and below the gum line.

Alternatively you can also use the Soft-Picks Advanced. To be honest I’m more of a fan of traditional flossing but these are still great!

  1. Rinse: for an extra-clean mouth rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash.

SunStar Gum Healthy Smiles 123  mouth wash

I’m a huge fan of mouth wash! I feel like it really finishes off your teeth routine and leaves your mouth feeling SO fresh! The GUM Original White mouth rinse (R94) is  alcohol-free and contains StainClear to help remove stains from in-between the teeth and the tiny crevices in tooth enamel. Its formula helps to prevent further staining while strengthening gums and teeth.

Would you like a chance to WIN?

Is it best to brush, floss or rinse first? The Sunstar GUM #HealthySmiles123 poll is asking South Africans for their opinion. Cast your vote on – you could win a Sunstar GUM oral care kit worth over R800.

Where can I find Sunstar GUM products?

They are available from selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, pharmacies, Checkers, Pick n Pay, SPAR or ask your dentist. For expert oral care advice and more quality oral care products visit

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