Restaurant Review: The Hussar Grill

I’ve spoken before about how when me and Cam moved to Cape Town we were in search of good steak. Really, really good steak. Enjoying steak, chips and wine has always been something that we have loved to do. And every sort of special occasion or celebration always calls for steak! In September Cam turned the big 3-0 and we headed to the Hussar Grill to have a celebratory steak. Spoiler alert- it was delicious!

Hussar Grill celebrates over 55 years of good food!

The Hussar Grill is iconic in South Africa, specifically in Cape Town. They first opened their doors in 1964, and have been a force to be reckoned with ever since. So for over 55 years they have been a premier grill room serving quality meat cuts. We were so happy to have eaten at the first ever Hussar Grill branch, which is located in Rondebosch.

Hussar Grill 55th Aniversary Wine


As we wanted to save space for our steaks, we decided to nibble on the chips and olives provided at the table as well as share a portion of carpaccio. The meat was cured Springbok, and was sliced so thin that it just easily tore apart – in the best way possible! It was just so tender, flavoursome and complimented well by the balsamic reduction and parmasan reduction.


If you were very hungry – I’d suggest getting one each because you probably won’t want to share. It was really good!


Obviously when you’re going to a premier grill room you just naturally think to choose steak. One thing I really loved about the menu was that they have a generous option for those looking for something a little less meaty. There’s a nice selection of poultry, seafood and even a few vegetarian options.


Cam and me both love a good steak so we stuck with that! Cam settled on a rib-eye on the bone with a Cafe de Paris butter alongside cream spinach and cinnamon butternut. I choose a fillet on the bone with a Cafe de Paris accompanied by fries.

We were both very happy with how our meat was cooked- we both prefer medium rare when it comes to our steaks. The Cafe de Paris butter melts so slowly and almost seeps into every crack of the fillet, leaving a gentle flavour. It was not overwhelming or too rich at all – a perfect balance! I was completely happy with my main course and neither Cam or me had anything that resembled leftovers at all.

Hussar Grill 55th Aniversary Wine

I was especially impressed with Cam’s vegetables. Often at a restaurant the vegetables can be a bit bland and a forgotten element of the dish. However the spinach was fresh, butternut perfectly seasoned- wow, thoroughly impressed!

Read more: Hussar Grill menu


Dessert was so tough for us to choose- everything looked SO good. I have a total sweet tooth and everything looked so hearty and traditional – items such as malva pudding, cheesecake, chocolate fondant – all the things that are just YUM! i settled on the creme brulee (A personal favorite!) and Cam chose the baked cheesecake.

Hussar Grill Dessert Menu

My creme brulee was perfect! It had the perfect ‘crack’ when I broke through the top and the inside was as smooth as it should be. It was delightfully creamy and I was very happy with my choice. I’m a sucker for cheesecake too (And managed to steal a few bites of Cam’s!) and I can confirm it was everything a baked cheesecake should be – smooth, a good biscuit base and a bit of zing in the cheesecake itself.

Hussar Grill Dessert Menu 2

A perfect birthday dinner

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at the Hussar Grill! From the ambiance, to the fantastic service plus the top-quality meat and dessert we really couldn’t fault anything about the evening. We loved that we had a little corner table steered away from the buzz of the restaurant-  we were able to chat and enjoy our evening at a slow pace! If you’re looking for a place for a perfect steak dinner enjoyed with a nice glass of red wine, look no further!


*Thank you so much to Hussar Grill for hosting us!


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