Getting into the festive season with the Lush Christmas Range

The greatest thing has happened – okay I’m being dramatic – but it is pretty great. Our lovely new home has a bath! (Our previous place only had a shower) So, you know what that means – the ultimate spoil of Lush bath bombs! For me, nothing says more relaxing than a long bath with a signature Lush bath bomb. Recently I was gifted some goodies from the new Lush Christmas range and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Lush Christmas Range

Ringing in the festive season with the Lush Christmas range!

I wrote last year how a Lush bath bomb is a perfect Christmas gift. For me, who is going to be sad when they smell that deliciousness coming through the wrapping paper? No one, I tell you! Whenever people ask me what I want for Christmas or birthdays, goodies from Lush are usually on the list!

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This year I’ve got a few more goodies to try and add to the list. And let me tell you – they literally all smell good enough to eat.

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb

I absolutely love the beauty that is the Snow Fairy Bath Bomb. It only comes around for a month or two per year and it’s just so pretty to look at. This one particularly makes a lovely gift!

Lush Christmas Range

It contains Persian Lime Oil for brightening and and toning. Watch your bath going a beauty swirl of different colors of pink.

Santa Reusable Bubble Bar

I’m actually really looking forward to this one from the Lush Christmas range, because I’ve never used a bubble bar before! What’s fantastic about them is that they are actually reusable, and you get a few uses out of them. This one gets special brownie points because it just looks too adorable.

Lush Christmas Range

Core ingredients: Cheery notes of uplifting neroli, zingy lime (to tone and brighten!) and crisp lemon myrtle to do their work and transform your bathroom into a portal to the most uplifting wonderland around.

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Snow Fairy Soap

If you’re looking for something to literally transport you back to childhood, you have to try the Snow Fairy Soap or Body Conditioner. I don’t know what exactly it is about it, but it smells like a sweet or lollypop from our younger years. The scent is described as ‘bubblegum candy floss’ and I think that’s pretty accurate.

Lush Christmas Range

Made with: A base of rapeseed oil and coconut oil, this perfectly pink bar is an effective cleanser for those who like things a little sweeter. Infused with the power of marshmallow root, Snow Fairy soap is sure to soothe even the most sensitive of skin while leaving it smelling like a bubblegum candy floss confection.

This makes for a lovely gift for someone who isn’t a huge fan of bathing but still wants that gorgeous signature Lush scent!

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

If you’ve never tried one of Lush’s signature body conditioners – you’re missing out big time! I’d totally suggest you start with Ro’s Argan, a classic. You use body conditioners the same way you would hair conditioners – slather it on, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse off. Soft and happy skin left behind!

Lush Christmas Range

This rich body conditioner contains avocado and mango butter to soften up your skin and leave it moisturised. To top it off, it’s infused with almond and jojoba oils for the ultimate luxury.

This Snow Fairy variant smells just as delightful as the soap above, making it the perfect festive scent.

Let me know if you’re planning to pick up anything from the Lush Christmas range! If you’re keen to shop, head to the Lush website directly or in store. 



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