Note Cosmetics Launches in South Africa!

I’m sure everyone was wondering if I fell off the planet and disappeared. Or maybe that’s me being self-centred and perhaps no one even noticed that I’ve hardly published any blog posts or YouTube videos in about six weeks. The thing is, moving houses took every last bit of energy and spare time I had – by the time I finished work it was all about packing boxes and getting things ready. But anyway, I have my groove back and am feeling excited to share some of the amazing new launches that have hit South African stores recently.

One such exciting launch was the arrival of the much anticipated Note Cosmetics. Don’t get me wrong – I love skincare but the thing that got me into blogging originally was my love for makeup. So when I heard that Note Cosmetics was launching, I was really intrigued.

Note Cosmetics_Sincerely Blonde_Rachael Williams.

Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop for the launch!

Say hello to Note Cosmetics

Inspired by the passion for living, the vibrant colours of life and the notes found in nature, NOTE Cosmetics feature highly pigmented eye shadows and shimmering bronzers, long wearing foundations, hydrating lip products and a wide range of nail colours.

What is the brands ethos?

Keeping in line with where much of the beauty and skincare community is heading, Note Cosmetics is cruelty-free. Additionally, they are eco-friendly, 100% vegan-friendly, non-comedogenic (don’t block the pores of your skin), dermatologically tested, contain no harsh chemicals and are Halal-certified. (Wow, that was quite a long sentence!!)  Note Cosmetics lean into natural for their core ingredients, such as argan oil, citrus, coral seaweed, cedar wood oil, grape fruit extract, macadamia oil, rice protein, shea butter and many more ingredients found in nature.

I’m so excited that this range stands for all the most amazing things- cruelty free, eco-friendly & vegan!

Standouts about the brand

Immediately two things that come to mind are the price point and the amazing wide variety. Note Cosmetics don’t come in subtly, but rather offer a huge variety of foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners – everything! There really is no shortage when it comes to the range.

Note Cosmetics_Sincerely Blonde_Rachael Williams.

Obsessed with this!

Products I’m personally keen to try include the Sunglow Foundation (for a glowy tan looking complexion) as well as the stunning Terracota Blusher. The Terracota Blusher has the most amazing shade and contains Macadamia Oil to maintain moisture.

I also particularly like the Matte Lip Cream- it’s such a rich formula and has great staying power. I paired the Matte Lip Cream in 06 Go Red with the Note Red Lipliner for a wedding I went to recently, and it was such a great combination. You can never go wrong with a good red lip!

Note Cosmetics Matte lip cream in red

Rocking the Matte Lip Cream in Go Red!

The Precision Eyeliner in Black is another firm favorite already. I LOVE liquid eyeliner but so many don’t get it right – sloppy, too thick and rub off after an hour.


The price points are really reasonable but certain products will range slightly higher than your typical drugstore prices. But still fair in my opinion. For example, a nail polish will cost you R69,99 , a lipstick R119,99 and a BB cream is R309,99. BB Creams, foundations and eyeshadow palettes are slightly higher in price – but fabulous quality so worth it in my opinion!

Their lipsticks and nailpolishes come in at particularly competitive prices. They also have such a fantastic shade range!

Where can one purchase Note Cosmetics?

Note is available exclusively at Clicks and you can already find their products in stores as well as online.


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