Discovering the Lancôme Advanced Génifique with Biome Science

I mentioned a while ago on my Instagram feed that I’d come across a skincare product that I felt truly in love with. Yup, that product was none other than the Lancôme Advanced Génifique. 

The Lancome Advanced Génifique is no new product to the neighbourhood. Rather, since it’s launch in 2009 this revolutionary skincare product has been sold over 25 million times! One bottle is literally sold every six seconds. This is all thanks to its breakthrough formulation that is renowned for its efficacy and ability to activate 10 signs of youth.

Lancome Advanced Génifique

The product boasts some amazing accolades as well – it has received over 170 awards, 10,000 5-star reviews and 97% of women who use it would recommend it to others.

Now, a decade later, the product is better than ever. A culmination of 15 years’ worth of research into the skin microbiome has brought us the new Advanced Genifique serum. This product takes on a new vision of skin biology and is enriched with 7 pre= (providing a vital source of nutrients for beneficial bacteria to grow) and probiotic fractions (the live micro-organisms providing overall health benefits to their host)- it acts directly on the microbiome.

Why is it important to focus on the skins microbiome?

Our unique microbiome can be compromised by our lifestyle and surrounding environmental conditions.  Some things that can affect the skins microbiome include UV rays, pollution, diet, medications and hormones.

Your skins microbiome helps to:

Protect against pathogens

Regulate and modulate excessive skin irritation

Enhance and strengthens the skin barrier to build resilience.
Advanced Génifique

Each drop releases 30 million pre- and probiotic fractions!

How does the serum help?

The Advanced Genifique has a unique blend of 7 pre- and probiotic fractions which have been selected to deliver essential resources such as sugars, amino acids and lipids, to the skin and its microbiome, in order to help the skin better defend and recover. Now, skin recovers faster, feels stronger and looks visibly younger Each drop releases 30 million pre- and probiotic fractions!

My experience with Lancome Advanced Génifique

For me with this product, it was literally love at first drop. I’ve often felt my skin doesn’t feel very smooth to the touch. However, at the launch of this product we were challenged to use this product every day for a week and look at the results. To be a little honest, I thought to myself ‘I’ve heard this sort of promise before!’. But with this serum, you really can see a difference! My skin was noticeably smoother, soft and more radiant. I especially noticed a difference when I applied makeup. My skin texture looks really lovely, glowy and there was a radiance to my skin that wasn’t there before.

Each drop releases 30 million pre- and probiotic fractions!

Product Texture: Weightless! Your skin soaks it up immediately, it is so light. Your skin will feel effortlessly hydrated.

This is a luxury serum well worth the investment!

My tip:

If you want glowy and dewy skin throughout the day, mix a little bit of the serum into your foundation. It makes your foundation feel wonderfully light and really does give you that glow!


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