Setting up my moses basket with Babes and Kids!

When I fell pregnant, one of the things I knew I wanted for baby and me was a moses basket set-up next to my bed for the first few months. So many other moms spoke so highly of having baby next to the bed! So I found my dream moses basket BUT hilariously didn’t think of a mattress or sheet until someone pointed it out to me #firsttimemom. I then went on a research mission about best mattresses for little ones and settled on items from Babes and Kids, an online store in South Africa. They retail for R359 and are also available from Takealot if you prefer to order there.

Babes and Kids Sincerely Blonde

When I started going research on mattresses for babies, I learnt quite quickly that firmer mattresses are generally better, especially for newborns.

For starters, babies’ bones are still developing and their bodies need much more support than ours do as adults. Babies, especially newborns and young infants, lack mobility and can’t get around very well. So they have a harder time lifting themselves up and repositioning like an adult would. [] 

That’s why I eventually settled on this one from Babes and Kids. It is a deluxe, breathable foam moses basket mattress that is 5cm in depth and is fully ventilated. It is firm and flat as recommended by Safe Sleep guidelines. As I mentioned in my previous post on baby items,  as a new mom I really need peace of mind!!

Features of the mattress from Babes and Kids:

  • SABS approved foam
  • Full depth easy breathe holes for added safety and comfort
  • Deluxe thickness
  • Non-allergenic
  • Breathable, soft cotton-rich fabric cover

The mattresses is machine washable and can be tumble dried at a low heat if necessary.

I also got one of their lovely white sheets from Little Acorn (stocked on their website). They are 100% knitted cotton and are also elasticated all the way around to ensure that your fitted sheet is snug and secure. I also love that there is no need to iron them! I am a ‘plain jane’ and stuck to white but they have some really sweet black and white patterns as well.

Babes and Kids Sincerely Blonde sheet

And my beautiful muslin blanket!

I also got this adorable grey muslin swaddle blanket. The second I fell pregnant I felt like moms all over were telling me about the benefits of swaddling and how muslin blankets are a total lifesaver. To be honest, I’m not one of those people who goes crazy over bright colors and weird patterns. If you’ve seen my baby room, you know I love neutral colors and a nordic theme. So, I was super happy to see they have this gorgeous grey!!

Babes and Kids Sincerely Blonde muslin blanket

The Babes and Kids muslin blankets are breathable, versatile, light and soft. Muslin blankets also have multiple uses – they can be used as a swaddle, pram and car seat cover, nursing cover or as a burp cloth! Their blankets are also an extra large size of 120x120cm and retail for R175.

I literally cannot wait to see my precious little one sleeping soundly (one can hope?!) in his gorgeous moses basket. You can be sure I’ll be posting lots of photos on my Instagram!!


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