Berry Christmas Lips -Essence Butter Stick Matt Love in Berry Gold

The Essence Butter Stick Matt Love lip product recently landed in my shopping cart and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you! Essence have become a household brand in South Africa, known not only for their affordability but their on trend makeup and skincare ranges. Essence are all about style and confidence when it comes to their products. They are also always keeping up with international trends – styles, colours and textures.

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essence butter stick matt love in berry gold topknotch blog

Essence Butter Stick Matt Love – Review

I’ve always been a big Essence gal and keep my eyes on their shelves regularly to see what’s new. Recently I came across their new Butter Stick Matt Love and thought why not (They are so reasonably priced it’s hard not too) and the shade that caught my eye (Berry Gold) is a perfect ‘Christmas shade’!

The Product:  Essence Butter Stick Matt Love in Berry Gold- a feather light, velvety matt lip colour enriched with cocoa butter.

Overall Score: 7/10

Does it work? While the product isn’t as matte as I would love (I’m super picky when it comes to matte products) it’s actually an amazing purchase and gives a great matte look. Plus it is also super soft /velvety and highly pigmented so it’s a ???? from me.

Price: R49,49 from Dischem

And if you’re wondering are Essence cruelty free?

Double bonus is that they are kind to the environment and animals – if you’re looking for more brands that don’t test on animals you can read my previous post here.

ProsThe product has a very buttery, soft velvet feel on the lips and glides on very easily. The colour is also highly pigmented – giving high coverage from the get go.

Cons: Because it’s very hydrating it can almost feel like it doesn’t set. Also the stubbiness / round tip makes it pretty easy to over-line your lips by mistake and get a less neat outline. I felt like I had to work harder than normal to get a clear outline around the edges of my lips.

What did I think? I think overall this is a great product and a fantastic shade! It’s so soft and hydrating, smooth textured and the colour very buildable.

Packaging: Modern, simple with playful font and styling

essence butter stick matt love in berry gold topknotch blog

Essence Butter Stick Matt Love Swatch: It’s actually more maroon / purple than I thought it would be but gives a great amount of colour.

Will I buy this product again! Yes. Not only is the shade amazingly deep, it’s soft and moisturizing texture doesn’t dry out your lips at all. Also at Essences price you can pick up one in every shade and hardly dent your pocket.

To conclude, Essence have been bringing out affordable and quality products since day one, and this Essence Butter Stick Matt Love is no exception. Grab yourself one this Christmas!


essence butter stick matt love in berry gold

Amazing color!


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