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So you’ve just jetsetted into Cape Town on your private jet and need your limo to take you to the hottest lunch spot in town. Anywhere with caviar and Dom Pérignon will do. Just kidding. You’ve just arrived in a bus or squashed on the back seat of your friends Polo, (but a girl can dream!). Either way, whether Cape Town is your glamorous vacation destination or the place you call home – there are some amazing eating spots here! Having recently moved to Cape Town myself, I’ve been trying out all the restaurants to develop a go-to list of favorites. Recently I had a stop at Life Grand Cafe V&A Waterfront and chose the korma curry. So far it tops my list as the best curry in Cape Town – but I promise to keep you posted if the situation changes!

It’s no secret that I’m on a hunt to find the best curry in Cape Town – so please do send me your suggestions!

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Life Grand Cafe

I think it’s worth noting that having dinner at Life Grand Cafe on a perfect summer evening with a light breeze can make you feel like your life is just that little bit more glamorous. Honestly, with the sun set, fairy lights and music it’s easy to relax and just enjoy yourself! Whether you just pop over for sundowners or are looking for a big meal, this is a great spot to enjoy Cape Town’s waterfront. Life Grand Cafe serve Mediterranean inspired food and offers a menu with a wide variety.

So I was immediately drawn to the curry section. I don’t know Cape Town well so I’ve been on the hunt for good restaurants. I’ve always loved Korma curry because it’s quite mild and very hearty! The Chicken korma curry is served with basmati rice,  sambals and Malay chutney. The presentation was amazing. Good presentation is something that really gets me! The dish was served on a beautiful board and pretty little bowls.

best curry in cape town life grand cafe topknotch blog

Presentation on point!


The meal was incredibly tasty and the most amazing combination of flavors. For those of you who don’t enjoy hot food you’ll still be able to enjoy this dish at it was a medium spice level. I’ll definately order this again if I went back!


The service was good and the food took pretty quick to arrive – I don’t think it was longer than 20 minutes! The waiter was attentive and regularly came to check up on us. Something I really love is efficiency – who wants to wait two hours for food! I end up getting hangry pretty quickly and dissolve into a pile of annoyed.


One thing I am adjusting to in Cape Town is that restaurants in general are pricey. (But I was from PE where everything is reasonable!) I can’t remember the exact amount my curry was, either R160 or R165 but the portion was generous. I did also have a G&T and it was pretty pricey for standard Gordons gin.


The interior design of the restaurant is something that really stands out! It may sound creepy but I really loved the bathrooms. The bathrooms transported me to a more luxiourous era I’ve always wished I lived in – that of Downtown Abbey / Titanic (Weird choice of movie / series!)

Also we all have the tendency to live very rushed, busy lives and this is a place to just stop and enjoy the view. This is the perfect type of place to relax, marvel at the sunset and watch all the lucky people enjoying life on a yacht. It’s the type of place to soak up your surroundings. So go here when you’re feeling like a nice relaxing meal and not in a rush to leave.

topknotch blog best curry in cape town life grand cafe

One more picture for good measure!

If you’re in the Southern Suburbs and looking for a delicious Italian restaurant, why not try out Basilico? You can read my review of the quaint bistro here. And remember, I’m still on the hunt for the best curry in Cape Town so let a gal know!



  1. January 26, 2018 / 3:17 am

    Saving this for when I make my way to Cape Town! Mahalo nui for the yummy info 🙂

    • RachaelWilliams
      February 2, 2018 / 11:44 pm

      Ah it’s a pleasure!!! I’ll definitely add some more restaurant reviews soon 🙂 xxx

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