The Larder is a Southern Suburbs gem – Coffee Shop Review

Something that Cape Town sure isn’t lacking is a choice of delightful coffee shops. In fact, UK Agency The Telegraph named Truth Coffee the best coffee shop in the world in 2016. So, being a coffee lover and new to Cape Town, I quickly made it my mission to find all the good spots around Cape Town. There are some fantastic coffee shops in the city centre – but do not fear fellow Southern Suburbers. There are so lovely spots this side too and today we’re talking about The Larder.

The Larder was founded by private chef and stylist Sonja Edridge who had always had a yearning to have her own restaurant. Proudly, she use’s local producers who are passionate about their products. According to their website, Sonja works with the season and changes the menu according to what has been harvested. And, in addition to that they only use free range pasture reared meats. Their packaging is also biodegradable. I love restaurants like this!

 The Larder (Claremont)


I really enjoyed my Flat White at The Larder! As you can see, it was beautiful presented and in pretty crockery too! The milk was incredibly silky and smooth and the coffee was a great blend. A double flat white was R24 which also isn’t badly priced in comparison to some other coffee shops.

P.S. The Larder are registered with The Entertainer for a beverage. That means you can get two beverages for the price of one. Not so familiar with the Entertainer? Check out my article on the Entertainer here.

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They have a huge breakfast menu with a variety of options from the bakery, healthy goodies and your traditional cooked breakfasts. In terms of lunches think salads, wraps and sandwiches with a decadent twist!

They have Banting, Vegetarian and refined sugar free options too.


The service was friendly and with a smile! We went on a Saturday around lunch so they were nearing closing up time. But the waiters were friendly and more than willing to answer my questions about the menu. The coffees literally took a few minutes to come out and we were checked up on several times.


the Larder claremont coffee shops cape town

The decor is quite funky and chic. Think retro furniture, splashes of yellow, hanging lamps and shelves with memorabilia and goodies for sale.  The outside area is nice and cool and protected from the street. The seating is also comfortable. Because it’s small, the tables can be quite close together which I can imagine being a bit tight when the restaurant is full.

topknotch blog The Larder coffee shop


I don’t feel like I can speak extensively on the atmosphere as we went there when it was quite quiet. However, the overall vibe of the place does seem very mellow and relaxed so I can imagine a pleasant atmosphere.

Any downsides?

Yes, I’m one of those wi-fi junkies so I was a little displaced when I found out their wi-fi wasn’t working. They said it was a recent problem (Hope they got it sorted!;) because I know how annoying it can be to go to a place to get some work done to find out there is no wifi!

Fun Fact

I’ve heard that they have an infamous Eggs Benedict called the “Johnny Depp”. It seems that Sonja has worked as a private chef with some of the biggest names in film and theatre… and that is the reason why it is called the Johnny Depp!

topknotch blog The Larder claremont

The Larder is a Southern Suburbs gem perfect for business meetings, coffee catchups or do a solo work mission. Just make sure to remember they close early on Saturdays. If you’d like to keep up with them, why not follow them on Facebook!


Unit 5 Grove Building, 8 Grove Avenue, Claremont, Cape Town, 7735

Operating Hours:  7AM – 3:30PM Monday – Friday and 8:30AM – 1PM on Saturdays

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