Is the Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation a hit or miss?

So you all know I am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Arden products. From their lipsticks, to their mascaras to their cult classic 8 Hour Cream (It can do no wrong in my eyes) I LOVE their products. In fact, some of my first quality items that I saved up for as a teenager were Elizabeth Arden! Their products are innovative, great quality and deliver results. So I feel a little sad that I found one of their mascaras that I’m not totally in love with. Enter the Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara. Gorgeous packaging, fantastic formula – but just not quite hitting all the right notes for me.

I usually adore Elizabeth Arden mascaras (Especially Grand Entrance!) and was absolutely thrilled to have recently received the Standing Ovation to try. Being on the fence is a mixed feeling for me! I have read a lot of rave reviews about this mascara, so my experience could totally differ from others.

Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara


Product: The Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation mascara is a mascara that has recently launched here in South Africa. It is designed to help you achieve bigger, bolder lashes and boasts high performance and high intensity. Selling points are: “The innovative, supersized brush and smooth, fiber infused formula work together to amplify, build and curl lashes for a fanned out, false lash effect. The smooth formula softens and nourishes lashes, is smudge- and flake-free and clinically proven to increase lash volume by 128%.*”

Formula: I know it’s hard to explain formula when talking about mascara, but the formula is quite runny and wet. Quite a lot of formula comes out on the brush when you pull it out, and if you wipe it on the side of the tube it causes a lot of build-up. It’s much more liquid than your average mascara formula! After using it for a few days, there is build up of drying formula at the top of the tube, and also on my dressing table. Uh-oh!

In terms of the formula ingridients, the Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation packs a punch with it’s highly nourishing formula. It contains:


  • Carnauba Fibers: Attach to lashes to create extra volume and length.
  • Marula Nut Oil: Leaves lashes lustrous, hydrated and soft.
  • Panthenol & Antioxidants: Help nourish and protect lashes.


Wand: The wand is bigger than your usual mascara wand – they designed it to have a supersized brush to allow you to build and amplify for lashes. BUT I find it really tricky to use and hard to manoveur in the corners of my eye. Consequently, I find it quite hard to build up length. Because the brush is quite big, I also find it really hard to do my bottom lashes because it touches the skin under my eye and leaves formula there.

While one is able to achieve bold lashes, the large brush is quite tricky to handle!

Colour Options: Intense Black or Intense Brown

Packaging: Elizabeth Arden are killing it with the packaging recently! It’s modern, stylish and luxe-looking. The Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation comes in stunning gold and black packaging and the bottle is matte black and feels sturdy.

What I love:  The mascara didn’t flake or crumble throughout the day which I was impressed with. If you just put some mascara in the middle of your eyelashes (I.e. not worrying about the corners) and you layer it, you can see it is easy to build and can leave your eyes looking really striking. The colour is also a really intense, wonderful black.

Price: You can get the Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation for R370 from Red Square, Foschini

What did I think? I think that Elizabeth Arden produce some fantastic mascaras, and definitely have a fantastic, nourishing formula when it comes to Standing Ovation. The ingredients are great but for me the wand is just too tricky! I think when one is shelling out R370 for a mascara it needs to tick all the boxes. I think if you’re looking for a mascara in this price, I adore the Grand Entrance and will purchase it again and again!

Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara

You can see the comparison between the Standing Ovation brush (Top) and the Grand Entrance (bottom)

Will I buy this product again? Unfortunately, I don’t think I would repurchase this mascara. But the Grand Entrance I’ll repurchase for sure!

Overall Score: 6/10




  1. candice
    April 30, 2018 / 12:56 pm

    I personally love Elizabeth Arden products, this is a really great mascara too

    Candice |

    • RachaelWilliams
      May 3, 2018 / 1:39 pm

      Absolutely adore Elizabeth Arden too – actually one of my top top brands – especially Grand Entrance mascara i LOVE! just this mascara isn’t my all time favorite though. Have a stunning day!! xxx

  2. April 30, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    Ahhh I got the brown one so I think the formula could be slightly different. I don’t find mine runny. But also not loving it. There’s a lot to love about the drama defined line….this one just wasn’t one of them ? Great review! Thanks for keeping it real!

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