A dreamy day trip to Spier Wine Farm

One of the most amazing things about the Cape Town region is the vast amount of absolutely gorgeous winelands that are easily accessible. It’s completely up to you if you want to do a full weekend or just a simple day trip! The Stellenbosch area is roughly a 40 minute drive from the Cape Town centre and makes for a perfect summery Saturday trip. I certainly don’t consider myself a wine connoisseur but I have really enjoyed visiting some of the wine farms in the area. The Cape Town winter is setting in, so a few Saturdays ago myself and my hubby made the most of the warmth and took a day trip to Spier Wine Farm.

Spier is actually one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms and has been around since 1692. And it is still family run after all these years. It is really a great place to visit if you’re a Cape Town local or if you’re visiting on holiday. It’s family friendly and you can tailor make your experience to your budget. There is an endless amount of things to do in Cape Town and this is one to add to your list!

Spier Wine Farm Topknotch

Wine Tasting at Spier

Obviously Spier is a wine farm, so that is one of the primary reasons people visit the gorgeous location. They offer a variety of different wine tastings and pairings with the most common one being the Spier Tasting (R40 pp). You get to choose three wines from their Signature range and one from each of the two premium wine ranges, 21 Gables and Creative Block. And guess what, it is on the Entertainer App so we literally paid R40 for both of us to do the wine tasting! I must say I was super impressed with how professional and knowledgeable all the Spier personnel were. They knew their stuff! You can literally feel how passionate everyone is about wine, talking about all the different notes with gusto!

Spier Wine Farm Wine Tasting

If you’d prefer to do a pairing they have a Chocolate and Wine pairing too. They even have a Grape Fruit tasting for kiddies which I think is such a fun idea!

Foodies at Spier Wine Farm

There is no shortage of amazing food at Spier Wine Farm. So foodies, fear not! They have the fancier restaurant, Eight where they only use ingredients either grown on the farm or sourced from nearby farmers.  Natural and organic ingredients are preferred, creatively combined to create nourishing, healthy, and delicious food. Eight was included in the 2016 Eat Out 500.

Your second option for food is the Hoghouse, styled as an Afro- Barbeque Smokehouse and an artisinal bakery. You have choices from flavoursome grass-fed beef, pork, lamb and free-roaming chicken supplied by Spier’s Farmer Angus. They also have a fire for chilly days so I’m sensing a trip back in the winter may be on the cards!

The third option you have is the one we went for – which is picnicing on the serene Spier grounds. They have the most delightful farm kitchen where you can buy the freshest goodies! Everything ranging from a salad station, to fresh croissants and ciabatta to a variety of cakes. And my favorite – a selection of meats and cheeses! Give me farm butter, ciabatta and cheeses and I am one happy lady. We literally just lay out in the sun eating our goodies from the restaurant. They also have a coffee station and you can buy wine too!

Spier Wine Farm Topknotch Blog

If you’d like to pre-book a picnic basket instead you can do that too! You can just go collect it on the day and can pre-book here

Other activities at Spier Wine Farm

There are so many other things you can do! You can go for a walk around the grounds like we did. Otherwise, you can go for a guided segway tour (I’ve always wanted to try that!). If you feeling like relaxing and need some pampering, they also have a spa on site. And finally, one of the other activities they have which we did is the Eagle Encounters. This is also on the Entertainer app! It is usually costs R80 per person but on the Entertainer it’s R80 for two people. Eagle Encounters is basically a center for rehabilitating and releasing birds of prey, promoting conservation and education. One might think it is more suitable for kids but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it! You can encounter the birds of prey up close.

Spier Wine Farm Eagle Encounters

So I will definately keep exploring all that the Stellenbosch winelands has to offer, and will make sure to let you guys know where else I visit. Please let me know if you have any recommendations of lovely places to visit!



  1. candice
    April 27, 2018 / 12:14 pm

    I actually haven’t been to Spier before and I just work around the corner from them HAHAHA

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

    • RachaelWilliams
      May 3, 2018 / 1:40 pm

      Oh my goodness, you simply have to go! It’s really relaxing, especially on a nice summery day. I only moved to CT like 6 months ago so I’m still in tourist mode 🙂

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