Break the mould with Avon’s new Far Away Rebel perfume

If you caught up with my blog in recent weeks, you’ll remember I was talking about the new Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation.  After trying this foundation for a few weeks, I was convinced of one sure thing- Avon are packing the punches with their products.  They’re innovative, high quality and still manage to be affordable! Now with the launch of their new perfume, Far Away Rebel, I’m more convinced than ever that this is a brand worth noting.

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Far Away Rebel is the latest perfume in Avon’s longstanding and popular Far Away Range. Far Away Rebel is all about breaking the mould and daring to be different. The Far Away Rebel bottle is this captivating deep purple and looks very luxurious. I’ve been crushing on this scent all week and can’t wait to share a little more with you!

What’s in a name?

Jean-Marc Chaillan, world class perfumer from IFF fragrance house who developed Far Away Rebel gives us detail about this alluring scent:  “I felt inspired by the woman who emanates hints of innocence beneath a layer of audacious passion.”  Hmmm – sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

Divine notes

Far Away Rebel contains delicately balanced notes of sumptuous salted chocolate and tantalizing toffee resulting in an alluring blend. Additionally, it has bursts of crème de cassis and fresh orange blossom. While the perfume is sweet, it is not overly sweet at all and makes just enough of a statement.

Make sure to always apply your fragrance correctly!

When it comes to perfume, something that is really important is making sure that you apply it correctly! Precilla Kalogeropoulos from Avon gave some further information on how to apply perfume in the best way.

Most people (me included!) apply perfume primarily onto their wrists and neck. However, these areas are not the only spots that are good for holding onto a scent for longer! Other heat-retaining areas, such as behind your ears, on the insides of your elbows or even behind your knees are therefore also great to remember when applying perfume that you want to last you for the whole day. In addition to these, your hair will also hold onto the scent quite well!

Avon Far Away Rebel Topknotch Blog1

My first impressions about Far Away Rebel

One of the things I love about Avon is that they create affordable fragrances that compete with higher-end perfumes on offer. When I’m wearing this scent, one wouldn’t guess it’s highly affordable – it smells so luxurious! The first time I smelt it, I immediately loved the light sweetness. And then after a few minutes, I could smell an undertone of the crème de cassis (for those of you who don’t know, that’s a liqueur made from blackcurrant).

I know a lot of people get nervous when they hear vanilla and chocolate smelling scents because they are worried that they will be sickly sweet, but don’t you worry.  Far Away Rebel manages to get the right balance and isn’t too syrupy sweet or powering at all!

Avon Far Away Rebel Topknotch Blog1

I wore this perfume during the day and night and thought it worked perfectly! The best part was having a few commenters asking me what perfume I was wearing and being able to explain this new addition to the Avon family.

Have you guys tried any Avon perfumes? How do you think the new Far Away Rebel sounds? Let me know!

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P.S. If you’re wanting to try this out, scoop it up NOW because it’s currently on promotion for R219!

*This post was created in collaboration with Avon


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