Coco Safar is a slice of New York on our doorstep!

So you guys know I love exploring all the fabulous restaurants in Cape Town. I’m a real smaller city girl (PE born and bred!) so when I moved to Cape Town it was just an explosion of absolutely amazing places to try. And another one of my loves is coffee. You guys know I love coffee.  And what can be better than a coffee paired with a really good brekkie? Not many things I tell you! So when I visited Coco Safar last week, it was like a combination of all the things that make this gal super happy. I’m actually a bit sad while typing this that I don’t have some of their delicious coffee in my hand.

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Hello Coco Safar

Over a course of ten years of travelling and developing, and with a great passion to create the world’s finest couture coffee experience, founders Wilhelm Liebenberg and Caroline Sirois created Coco Safar.

Coco Safar is a luxury coffee, pâtisserie and café brand that settled down in the Artem Centre in Seapoint at the end of 2017. Coco Safar are not short at all on their offerings – they have an espresso bar, pâtisserie counter, chocolate labs, capsule emporium, a luxury cafe and the world’s first 100% natural, alcohol-free botanical micro-brewery. The micro-brewery is an experience all on it’s own! In short – I think everyone will find something that they will enjoy.

I’ll just touch briefly on the decor – it’s beautiful! The furniture all feels very luxurious and well put together. It has a sort of dark, moody feel which I adore! And the touches of green and orange make the most striking combination. I also still can’t get over the gorgeous leather chairs and solid oak counters.

But first, coffee

Obviously no trip for breakfast can start without coffee. Personally I prefer a cappuccino or an americano. I’d like to just state off the bat that if presentation and attention to detail are important for you, then you’ll love Coco Safar.  Their beans are also carefully sourced and roasted on-site! Just have a look at how gorgeously this cappuccino is presented?

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For those of you crazy people who don’t drink caffeine (Such a pity!!) they do not have a shortage of amazing caffeine free drinks on offer.

For coffee buffs- their Espresso Bar is home to the world’s first Spirit Idrocompresso machines, exclusively hand built for Coco Safar in Holland by the world’s leading designer and maker of commercial espresso machines Kees van der Westen. 

What’s for breakfast

So for breakfast I decided to go for the classic – Eggs Benedict. I feel like a good Eggs Benedict is the ultimate comfort breakfast! The Eggs Benedict (R95) from Coco Safar comes either on a rosti, a brioche or a croissant. Unfortunately they were out of croissants, so I tried it on a rosti. I suppose this was good for me because I am a complete creature of habit and sometimes it’s good to try something new!

The breakfast was very tasty and I am glad I tried something new, but I still think an Eggs Benedict is most delicious on a croissant. The hollandaise sauce was perfectly well balanced, and the Rosa tomatoes were just yum!

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My husband, Cam, is way more adventurous than me and tried a Belgian Waffle with honey and mustard chicken (R110). Now, this was totally out of my comfort zone as I don’t like mustard – but it was actually quite good. The texture of the waffle was really fluffy, and the chicken was so soft and well cooked. I think I’ll stick to my more traditional breakfasts, though. But that gives you an idea of how innovative and creative their menu is. This restaurant is not afraid to make bold and delicious combinations.

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The Belgian Chicken waffle with honey mustard

The price range is middle-to-high and the portion sizes are a bit smaller so that is something to keep in mind if you’re on a budget. For example, the Eggs Benedict is just one egg instead of two. However, I can highly recommend their pastries and absolutely DELICIOUS sweet treats, and they are more reasonably priced as well.

Experiencing the micro-brewery

Coco Safar also have the incredibly unique micro-brewery on-site. The botanical brewery and bottling facility produces signature beverages, including sparking Red Rooibos, Green Rooibos, Coffee-Citrus and Rooibos-infused botanical Tonic. These drinks are very unusual and contain only top quality ingredients (with no preservatives or sugar). It was a very strange experience – drinking this fizzy, cold coffee but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it! We sat chatting to the staff there and learned that many people use the Coffee-Citrus one particularly as a sugar-free, more natural energy drink.

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How gorgeous is this micro-brewery bar? The decor is spectacular!

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My personal favorite was the Red Rooibos – I found it very refreshing and thirst-quenching. Next time I’m in the area, or am planning a picnic, I think those would make a wonderful addition.

What meal is complete without a little sweet treat?

When I saw their absolutely YUM chocolate bar and tarts, I knew I had to have one. Even though it was breakfast. But we don’t exactly need an excuse for something sweet do we? So I settled on a salted caramel because caramel is like my kryptonite. It came with earl grey ice-cream which once again, boring Rachael was a little nervous about – but it turned out absolutely delicious!! We both commented how the Earl Grey ice-cream was a delightful surprise of the meal.

Coco Safar topknotch blog1

This salted caramel tart with earl grey ice-cream was one of the tastiest things I’ve had in a while. I’m going back just for another one of these!

Coco Safar Topknotch Blog

How delish?


The atmosphere of Coco Safar is very relaxed. During the day, there are many people having business meetings, catching up on work emails all while enjoying their coffee. What a great place to sift threw all your emails or plan that next get together.  The staff have a lot of energy, and are all very knowledgeable if you ask them any questions! We also really enjoyed the passion with which they talk about coffee.

I think to sum it up Coco Safar is more like an experience than just a place to go grab coffee (Although you can do that too, because the coffee is really good!). Meaning, it has a lot to offer and a great place to visit if you call yourself a *coffee connoisseur* if any way. I personally have an interest in the art of coffee and just lapped up the wealth of information from the baristas and staff. We took our time enjoying some different drinks as well from the microbrewery and really enjoyed the overall experience. One could definitely spend your Saturday morning there and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with a cappuccino or three.

P.S. They are just launching their exclusive dinner menu, so if that is more your vibe then be sure to take a trip sometime!



  1. August 11, 2018 / 7:37 pm

    Glad you found something you liked! I don’t personally drink coffee

  2. Elizabeth O
    August 11, 2018 / 8:55 pm

    Wow the food here looks so incredible indeed. The salted caramel tarte looks to die for! I would love to visit here myself. It looks like you had a great time.

  3. August 13, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    love chicken and waffles, it’s a very popular American dish. those bonbons looked so cute too!

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