Be financially savvy with me in 2019 and get investing with Fedgroup Impact Farming

I love how younger people are dreaming more. From starting our own side hustles, to ticking places off a bucket list and securing our first homes – our generation is definitely dreaming big.  I find myself both excited and overwhelmed of all things I want to do and achieve before I’m 30. For me, 2019 is going to be a year of action. I want these dreams to transpire and to do amazing things. However to move from dreaming to reality- we all know that we need a plan! And one of the very basic (And necessary) part of achieving goals is being financial smart.

I think where many of us get stuck is the “how”. How do we get started in saving or investing? It can seem overly complicated, confusing and just plain impossible sometimes. Well, what if I told you that you can start investing from your cellphone from as little as R300? (Which is about 10 cappuccinos in Cape Town, and pretty much half a movie ticket these days). Yes, with the Fedgroup Impact Farming investment application you can get started for only R300!

How about an investment in blueberry farming, beehives or solar panels?

What is Impact Farming and how does the application work?

To put it simply, impact farming is a new way to invest your money. It springs from impact investing, which conventionally means investing in companies that do good for society and the environment. So, with impact farming instead of buying stocks or shares, purchasing property or banking your money to earn interest, through Fedgroup you can purchase a blueberry bush, a beehive or a solar panel to start earning an income.

Fedgroup Impact Farming Rachael Williams

Fedgroup has created the mobile app to allow people like you and me to own farming assets through a quick, streamlined process. Through the app you gain instant access to Impact Farming ventures. Additionally, you actually own the assets on the farming venture you choose. These are not figurative blueberries bushes or beehives – you own your own one and earn income from the produce!

Simply download the Fedgroup app and you can be investing within minutes

Purchasing one of their products is extremely simple. It’s all on your phone! All you need to do is download the Fedgroup Impact farming application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, sign up providing your details and you can purchase straight away. I literally purchased my blueberry bush whilst enjoying a cup of coffee, and from start to finish it took less than ten minutes!

Fedgroup Impact Farming Rachael Williams

This simple, effective model significantly lower the barriers to entry that is found in traditional fund investing. It makes it accessible to all South Africans to start investing straight away! Once you have purchased your assets, you can then sit back and relax. Fedgroup then arranges for your assets to be installed or planted on their approved farms run by commercial farmers. The asset is fully managed by expert farmers- you don’t have to lose any sleep over worrying about your investments!

Investment with a social impact

Millennials ask a lot of questions, which is such a great thing! From issues to single plastic usage to cruelty free beauty, we’re becoming more and more socially conscious! A question we should also be asking ourselves when we make investments is “where is the money I am investing in actually going?”  It’s important that your investing aligns with your values! The global trend of impact investing – investments aimed at generating social and environmental impact, along with a financial return – is becoming more prominent.

This is where the Fedgroup Impact Farming app ticks all the boxes. When choosing which farms to partner with, they have considered factors such as farms that use water wisely, how many jobs are created and that the supply chain is ethical. You can also feel comfortable that you are supporting an ethical, sustainable product that helps to create jobs and supply much needed products in South Africa. If you’d like to read more you can check out Fedgroup’s Content Hub

Fedgroup Impact Farming Rachael Williams

Show me the money – when do I start earning?

The assets that you purchase produce a harvest: berries, honey or electricity. Fedgroup then sell it to their contracted customers on your behalf (For example, blueberries are sold to overseas partners such as Waitrose or Tesco), collect the money and pay us our portion. This money can then be enjoyed as passive income, or reinvested to benefit from compounded growth.

How often will I see a return?

Berries and honey are harvested twice a year so you will receive your income twice a year. However, solar electricity is generated year-round so you if invest in a solar panel, you will receive income from that asset monthly.

But is my asset protected?

As with all investments, there is always a risk. However Fedgroup have gone to great lengths to make sure your assets are as protected as possible.  The assets are covered by insurance, so, if extreme weather destroys your solar panel, or your blueberry bush shrivels up and dies, fear not. You will not lose your money. Due diligence is also done on the farms in order to choose the best service providers. They are also spread across various locations and geographical areas to limit the risk of environmental issues.

Fedgroup Impact Farming Rachael Williams

The side hustle of all side hustles

There’s literally no time like the present to get saving! Whether you’re thinking of long term investments like to purchase a house or just wanting to have income generating on the side, setting up a financial plan is a must. I’m super thrilled to be investing in a platform like the Fedgroup Impact Farming app that not only helps me to secure my financial future, but is leaving a positive social and environmental impact at the same time.

I have to warn you – it’s a little addictive! Once you start seeing your products on the app, and realize that you’re saving instead of splurging, nothing beats that feeling. Here’s to a more financially savvy new year and slaying those goals!



** This post was in collaboration with Fedgroup


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