Experiencing the magic of Triple Three Gin

Gin and tonic has experienced a burst of popularity in recent years and has become many peoples drink of choice. We’ve seen an explosion of flavours, colors and combinations of the drink. However recently I got to experience the magic of Triple Three Gin and I’m convinced: This celebration of gin made by a three-generation distiller really offers something special.

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The afternoon started off with a talk from the master distiller himself, Rolf Zeitvogel. He shared heart warming stories of growing up in the Black Forest in Germany, in the presence of gin extraordinaire s like his father and grandfather. He shared fond childhood stories, and the passion was palpable. Rolf told us about coming to South Africa after school to study wine making which was very popular at the time. Finally, he later returned to his love and passion of gin distilling. And now we reap the rewards!

It’s not everyday you get to meet the master distiller himself. It was amazing to see this is not just a mass-produced drink but rather a labour of love. And believe me, it comes through in the impeccable taste and quality of Triple Three Gin.


The three variations of Triple Three Gin

Keeping things precise and simple, Triple Three Gin comes in three variations: Just Juniper Berry, African Botanicals and Citrus Infusion. Honestly when we were doing the tasting I really found it hard to choose which one I loved the most. But, at the end of it all I think it would be African Botanicals, because I found it offered something truly unique. However, there is an offering for all sorts of palettes, so let’s talk a little more about the flavours:

Just Juniper Berry

This variation has a smooth, pure taste and is inspired by the earliest recorded gin recipes which were made from juniper berries. Personally I found it very flavourful and found the juniper notes really do come through.

African Botanicals

African Botanicals was created from a blend of seven botanicals including the flora of the Western Cape. I found the flavour to be unique and something I can totally imagine foreigners to love! As well as South African’s, of course.

Citrus Infusion

The Citrus Infusion is very clear and crisp. It’s a zesty gin enriched with hand-picked, farm grown citrus fruit. I found this one to be a very easy drink, totally perfect for many different palettes. It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon gin around a braai. Furthermore it lends itself to so many combinations as well, play around with different tonics and added fruits.


The tour of the distillery

While I’ve always enjoyed gin, I didn’t know too much about the process and what actually happens behind the scenes. From that perspective, the tour was amazing! We got to see the process from beginning right to the point of packaging, and it was incredibly insightful. Who would have thought that those crates of pears can create pure magic. Consequently I think I’ll appreciate the beauty of the humble pear a lot more going forward.

Making waves in the industry

Recently the Triple Three African Botanicals won a Double Gold at the prestigious Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards in 2018. Additionally, the Just Juniper Berry won a Double Gold in 2017. So, it’s safe to say this a gin to watch out for (and of course, to try!!)

Thank you so much to Triple Three Distillery for having us for the afternoon, it was truly one to remember!



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