Constantia’s newest gem, Phantom at Purple Rayn

If you’re been following me for longer than a minute, you’d know my favorite past time is trying out the myriad of amazing foodie spots Cape Town has to offer. So, when I heard there was a new kid on the Southern Suburbs block aka Phantom at Purple Rayn, I was too excited to try it out! When I heard it was Asian-inspired (my all time favorite) and the chef is Warren Carney (previously having worked at Madame Zingara and Kloof Street House) I was pretty weak at the knees.

We joined Purple Rayn on a perfect summer evening for a media dinner. It was sunset so it was just perfect timing for us to fully appreciate the gorgeous view this restaurant has to offer. The decor is different from what I expected- it’s energetic and eclectic. Actually it makes for a nice change from what you’re used to!

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The food at Phantom is separated into cold, hot and sweet (namely, starters, mains and dessert). So, naturally we started off with cold, and it was with a bang by serving us bread with mayo. Sound predictable? Ah, think again! However, this was mayo with a twist! The mayo wasn’t made yet! The ingredients were served in a bowl and as you stirred your bread in the bowl, the mayo was made. It was an experience on its own and quite possibly the best bread I’ve eaten in forever! #ILoveCarbs.

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Next up they served up oysters. Now, your girl is unfortunately not an oyster lover. However, based on presentation alone they were gorgeous. At any rate I only heard positive feedback about the oysters from those that ate them.

The last starter was my ABSOLUTE fave. In fact, it might have been my dish of the night. And that had to be none other than the ostrich tataki. Could someone deliver another portion to my house, please?! In case you’re not familiar with what tataki is, it’s when the meat is seared very briefly over a hot flame or in a pan and served with a marinade or sauce. This one was served with ginger, coriander, coffee (I know, but totally delish!) and crispy carrot. Honestly that dish knocked it out the park! 

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We finished off the cold section with some sushi, which you can never go wrong with. Plated beautifully, super pretty. Your next date night is sorted!


The mains section has a great diversity in that it offers duck,  quail, chickpea dhal, ramen and more. There is a lot of variety! I’d be doing you an injustice if I didn’t start off with the totally drool worthy yakitori quail. Honestly, between the quail and the tataki everything else was just the cherry on top. The quail was perfectly tender and soft with a slight crispy skin. Continuing on from the experience of mixing our own mayo, the quail came with a ginger, cucumber, pickled daikon and salmon roe in a pestle and mortar for us to grind and add to our liking. The ginger was sublime with the quail and a combination I’ve never tried before.

Other standouts were the sweet and sour chickpea dhal (R55) which was a firm favorite amongst the tasters in the room. I loved it too and thought the portion size was generous, but the quail dish stole my heart and the other dishes had to compete pretty fiercely. I really love it when a restaurant does a good vegetarian dish. (And no, not just taking the patty off a burger, but rather creating a delish dish such as this!).

Purple Rayn

This presentation is everything! Photo by Candice from Damsel in a Dress

Ending off on a sweet note

All good things come to an end but luckily not without a sweet goodbye. We were treated to a trio of desserts. Now, you guys know I’m a really plain gal when it comes to dessert (AKA chocolate, chocolate cake, ice cream) but this girl loved the bold combinations that came through with the desserts. Think white chocolate, miso, sesame and orange together. Well, it was delicious I tell you. Another standout was the coconut combined with passion fruit, mango and raspberry. The coconut was pretty strong on it’s own, but when combined with the mango and raspberry it was just so refreshing and light. The third dessert had a strong ginger thread and I don’t enjoy ginger in a sweet context but the ginger lovers raved about it.

Purple Rayn review

Don’t mind if I tuck in! Photo by Candice from Damsel in a Dress

Heading back to the ostrich tataki

Sorry to harp on here, but you have to go there to try the ostrich tataki and the quail alone. When it’s good, it’s good. 🙂 It’s great to have a new kid on the Constantia block and one that isn’t trying to be like every one out there, but rather bringing their own unique flavour and style!

Purple Rayn Boutique Guesthouse

Their offering doesn’t just end with food, but rather Purple Rayn is a full boutique guesthouse! Perfect for weddings or intimate get togethers, this guesthouse nestled in the majestic Cecelia Forest of Constantia will make the perfect venue.

Let me know if you’ve given Purple Rayn a try and what your favorite dish was!



    • RachaelWilliams
      February 16, 2019 / 1:44 pm

      The food was amazing!!:)

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