How to Grow Your Instagram Organically in 2019

We all know how difficult the Insta-game is! If we’re not competing against those with bought followers, we’re trying to understand the constantly changing Instagram algorithm! And if there’s one thing that’s super disappointing, it’s putting SO much effort into your Instagram post only to have a handful of people like it. So, I’ve put together a video of my top tips for how to grow your Instagram organically in 2019!

How To Grow Your Instagram Organically

I hope this video helps you in some way! Basically I really feel like if you want to grow your Instagram, you really need to have a *strategy*. A plan!

Growth does not happen by accident when it comes to the social media game. Unless you’re one of the rare people who have a post go viral. You need to sit down and plan your content, plan your hashtags, plan when you’re going to share your posts and more! My suggestion would be to sit down and write a short strategy. Include what you’re going to post, how often and when. Just by having a basic plan half the battle is already won!


You’ll find my main tips in the video, but just because you guys are going the extra mile and reading the blog post, here are a few extra:

  • Use your cellphone to keep track of your hashtags in order to quickly and efficiently copy and paste under your post
  • Check your analytics to see best performing posts and create more of them
  • Engage with people in your niche
  • Have a cohesive feed but don’t be completely obsessive about it
  • Be consistent- whenever I stop being consistent I can immediately see a decline in my engagement.
  • Use Instagram stories to engage with your audience – I firmly believe that the future of marketing is video. Talk to your audience, ask them questions and create a community.

I hope these few tips help you- make sure to watch my video and subscribe to me on YouTube if you haven’t already done so.  I’m going to be uploading a weekly video relating to social media- it’s gonna be called #TechTipTuesdays


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