Spotlight on: Mavala (The first nail brand to ACTUALLY help my dry cuticles!)

Don’t we all love perfectly manicured nails? Honestly it is one of my favourite feelings – looking down and seeing gorgeous nails. However, unfortunately I was given a bad hand when it comes to nails. Firstly, I’m left handed, have the steadiness of a one-wheel bicycle and my cuticles are permanently dry. Not pretty, I know! Nevertheless this year I decided to focus more on handcare. So that’s why when I started using the Mavala cuticle oil and my cuticles softened up noticeably, I was happy as a clam.

Mavala Nail Care base coat cutile oil sincerely blonde rachael williams.jpeg1

To add the cherry on top, their polishes are not only super affordable but they dry really quick for people like me who squash their pretty nails. And then have to start all over again. The struggle is really people!

More about Mavala

In case you’ve never heard of them before, Mavala specialises in the maintenance of beautiful looking nails and offers a complete range of products to alleviate all nail concerns. Some of the concerns they address include uneven nail surfaces, splitting and flaking due to lack of hydration or nail discolouration.

Mavala was actually founded by Madeleine van Landeghem in 1958. The brands first ever product was a revolutionary nail hardener which penetrates the three layers of the nail plate to bond them together. That product, the Scientifique Nail Hardener, is still one of their best selling products today.

Mavala Cuticle Oil

We all know winter can be absolute torture on the nails. Unfortunately, my cuticles are really prone to drying out. I’ve tried a lot of cuticle oils, hand creams etc so when I find one that works well, I know it. The Mavala cuticle oil absorbs quickly and leaves the skin around the nail feeling soft, but not overly oily. I hate that many cuticle oils really leave your hands greasy and don’t really soften the cuticles in the long run.

Mavala Nail Care base coat cutile oil sincerely blonde rachael williams.jpeg1

Mavala Nail Care base coat cutile oil sincerely blonde rachael williams.jpeg1

I’ve started a little nail pampering routine that includes my Lush hand scrub, nail filing, a top coat and then finishing it off with massaging this cuticle oil into my cuticles. My nails are seriously thanking me and look in much better condition than usual.

Did you know that this product was rated 10/10 on Get the Gloss? It was number one on their list of tested cuticle oils. If you were sitting on the fence – I bet that convinces you!

Read more: Get the Gloss rates Mavala Cuticle Oil their number one choice

Where to purchase: The Mavala Cuticle Oil is available from pharmacies such as Clicks or Dischem. It retails for R185.

And a fabulous base coat

There’s nothing worse than spending ages painting your nails only for it to either look uneven or to flake off a few days later. This is where I’ve now realised the importance of a base coat comes in. Firstly, a base coat is important because it creates a barrier that helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of nail polish. Secondly, it prevents staining and peeling and gives your polished nails a more even texture.

Mavala Nail Care base coat cutile oil sincerely blonde rachael williams.jpeg1

I’ve test the look of my nailpolish- without a base coat and with one and you can really see a difference! Honestly the few extra minutes it takes to do the base coat is well worth it.

Over 150 nail polish shades!

Now, this brand doesn’t just have nail care solutions. They also have BOMB nail polishes. In fact, they actually have over 150 colors to choose from! So you can pretty much bet they have shades for every personality and preference.

Bali Violette and Pink diamond nail polish from Mavala

Three shades I’ve been loving are Violette, Bali and Pink Diamond. Bali is just super vibrant and summery, it’s such a happy colour. I’m not one of those people who prescribes to “winter” and “summer” shades. I wear whatever I’m drawn too at the time. At the moment I’m feeling sparkly so I’m wearing Pink Diamond. I literally feel like it makes me live up to my Sincerely Blonde name.

Violette is so soft and feminine. I think it really matches any season or occasion and should be a staple in any nail-polish-collectors-collection! I’m now more eager than ever to get into my at-home mani’s so I’m thinking it may be time to add to the collection.

Mavala Nail Care base coat cutile oil sincerely blonde rachael williams.jpeg1

I totally love how budget friendly these polishes are. I think they also make fabulous gifts and stocking fillers around the festive season. That’s if you can resist not keeping them for yourself!


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