The Lamelle Serra Range is an amazing winter go-to!

So I go on this amazing holiday to Thailand, right? Two weeks of the beach, sun and relaxation. Then I came home to Cape Town. It was bitterly cold and my skin took a real knock! It felt dry, sensitive and in need of some serious TLC. So, I pulled out the Lamelle Serra range and man, I’m so glad I did. This range is absolutely fantastic at helping to normalise the skin barrier and within a week my skin felt back to normal. Then, a few weeks later I went for microneedling and I bought the range out again!

Lamelle Serra Range Sincerely Blonde2

Simply put, this range was formulated to help normalise the skin barrier function for people with dry, sensitive or compromised skin. Serra actually recreates the human skin barrier. Basically the product replaces what is missing from the skin and eliminates the root cause of dry skin.

A little more about the Lamelle Serra Range

The Serra range of products significantly improves dryness, sensitivity and atopic dermatitis. The ingredients mimic the structure and function of the lipid bi layer in the epidermis, while also calming and soothing inflammation and inhibiting inflammatory responses.

Lamelle Serra Soothing Cream

The Serra Soothing Cream is for the treatment of exceptionally dry and sensitive, inflamed or allergic skin. It’s a bit richer than the Restore version, so if your skin is prone to oiliness maybe stick to the Restore. This product helps your skin to trap water more effectively. This helps to prevent water loss which leads to dryness of your skin. Additionally, it will prevent the penetration of foreign particles that might cause irritation, inflammation and even allergic reactions.

Lamelle Serra Range Sincerely Blonde2

The product will correct the pH of the acid mantle ensuring healthy skin. This is essential for a good skin barrier!

Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel

The cleansing gel has to be my favorite out of the two – I think just because it is SO winter-skin friendly. Additionally, it’s also kind to your pocket too! (It retails for R210). I think that is a very fair price for a cleanser, especially one that is of such high quality!

Lamelle Serra Range Sincerely Blonde2

The cleanser is soap-free and formulated for lipid-impaired skin.  I find that it is really able to cleanse thoroughly without drying out the skin. Your skin doesn’t feel tight at all after use, but rather soft and supple. It has also been formulated to help maintain a healthy acid mantle.

Where to buy the Lamelle Serra Soothing Cream and Cleansing Gel

Lamelle products are available at a few salons but one of my favorite places to shop Lamelle is from Dermastore.

Important Information

The products contain no fragrances, colourants, preservatives or parabens.

Who is the range suited for?

This range is suitable for exceptionally dry and sensitive, inflamed or allergic skin; as well as skin having a histamine reaction.

Lamelle Serra Range Sincerely Blonde2

However, like I mentioned earlier I used it after I had microneedling and it was a lifesaver. As it helps to restore the skin barrier and prevent bacteria and penetration of foreign particles, it was fantastic at keeping my skin protected while healing. When one has microneedling your skin feels really dry, tight and uncomfortable.

With its healing properties, this range was just what my skin needed to feel as ‘normal’ as possible in the healing process. Between this range and my Avene Soothing Moisture mask, my skin was really looked after!


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