Inoar Sensitine – An all-in-one product for your hair!

I’ve spoken a lot about my hair – It’s really not the easiest to mange (To say it lightly!). Because of its thickness, it generally needs a mask or a strong conditioner to even resemble anything glam. So when I heard that with Inoar Sensitine I wouldn’t even need to use conditioner – I’ll admit I was very sceptical. A shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment in one? Hmmmm..

I was wrong – I love it! 

Inoar Sensitine Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde 1

Sensitine from Inoar – An all-in-one for both dry and oilier scalps

When you hear that you won’t need a conditioner, one can easily worry that the formula will be too thick and will leave your hair feeling heavy. Worse yet, greasy much quicker than usual. However this is not not the case at all. Sensitine has a very unique formula. Let’s read more about that below:

Sensitine – A new technology product by Inoar

“Sensitine brings a new technology to care for dry and sensitive hair/scalp in one step. Thanks to its innovative formula, with a blend of cleansing agents balanced with AHA, Allantoin Scalp, Vitamin B3 and ultra-purified Asian centella extract, Sensitine cleanses, moisturizes the cellular origin of the threads and eliminates the discomfort caused by chemical processes and external agents, for soft, shiny and healthy hair, from the first use.”

Using the product

For people with long hair like me, they recommend 5-8 pumps of product. I thought I might need more but it was actually sufficient to leave my hair feeling clean. I found that it rinsed really well and there was very little residue left behind (this is something that people with thick hair can really struggle with!)

Now without a conditioner or mask, I was anticipating my hair to be hard to brush and a bit rough to the touch. [Sadly I wasn’t blessed with naturally shiny, silky locks]. But surprisingly my hair felt super soft and really easy to brush. Honestly brushing my hair still causes nightmares sometimes. But after using Sensitine my hair felt really soft and really quite shiny after it had dried. See below!

Inoar Sensitine review rachael williams

Me with Rayne from at an event. This was my hair after using Inoar Sensitine and the Shock more below!

Who is Sensitine suitable for?

It is suitable for anyone with a sensitive, dry, dehydrated scalp. It can also be used by individuals with dandruff or scalp problems.

Inoar Sensitine Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde 1

What happens if my scalp tends towards the oilier side?

Surprisingly, this product is actually suitable for both oily and dry scalps. On an oily scalp, it helps to reduce excessive oil production by the skin glands. Whereas on a dry scalp, it moisturises (with shea butter) and reducing flaking caused by dryness.

An at-home salon experience- Inoar Shock Treatment

I also want to touch briefly on another Inoar product I can highly recommend. My hair had been feeling a little damaged and dry on the tips due to highlighting. I tried out the Inoar DayMoist Fast Repair – which is a shock treatment to give your hair a much needed boost.

Inoat Shock Treatment DayMoist fast repair sincerely blonde rachael williams

You literally just pop some of the product on the bottom half of your hair and leave it in for three minutes. When you rinse your hair, it will feel silky and look really shiny! I literally feel like this is a “trip to the salon’ in a bottle. They retail for R170 each and I managed to get three uses out of it.

See more: Inoar Shock Treatment

With products such as Sensitine and the Shock Treatment, Inoar really do make it possible for one to get salon-looking gorgeous locks from the comfort of your own home!


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