Currently loving: Nivea Lemongrass and Oil Shower Gel

The Nivea showergels have long been a favorite of mine! Not only are they incredibly well priced, they usually smell incredible and really nourish the skin as well. Last year when the Sunshine Love showergel out, it became a firm favourite pretty quickly. So, it’s no surprise that the new Nivea Lemongrass and Oil shower gel got it’s own ‘currently loving’ blog post!

Nivea Lemongrass and Oil Shower Gel Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde.jpeg

P.S. If there was a category for “Best products under R50” the Nivea Lemongrass and Oil Shower Gel would be a big contender!

Nivea Lemongrass and Oi Shower Gel

Let’s read a little more about the product, shall we:

Refresh your senses with a gentle smell of lemon, while the silky and refreshing gel with precious oil grains and lemon grass extract turns into nourishing soft foam – a unique experience of fresh, nourished skin.

Nivea Lemongrass and Oil Shower Gel Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde.jpeg

You can see the little oil pearls that leave your skin super moisturised!

I know many might say that all body washes are created equal but I tend to disagree. Some are beautifully scented but don’t actually leave your skin feeling soft. I really do find that the Nivea shower gels do leave your skin soft and silky! Especially this one, as it contains lovely little oil pearls that foam as you lather. The oils are very nourishing and your skin feels super soft once I’ve rinsed the product off. I predict that the Nivea Lemongrass and Oil will be a household favorite amongst Nivea lovers.

Nivea Lemongrass and Oil Shower Gel Rachael Williams Sincerely Blonde.jpeg

I’d also like to make a brief mention about the scent. The lemongrass scent is super summery and invigorating. I also find that it is gender neutral (Some showergels are very feminine smelling!). Unfortunately for me my hubby is a big showergel fanatic and always steals mine – they don’t last very long in our house!

Nivea showergels are a staple in our house and with the launch of this new Lemongrass and Oil edition, I think that this will be to stay!


Super reasonably priced at R39,99 – Available from the usuals such as Dischem and Clicks


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