The body skincare products I’ve been using in my pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing thing.. we know this! But being a first time preggy lady,  you also learn very quickly some of the challenges – headaches, backache, dry and itchy skin..and we all know stretchmarks!

While I am okay with the possibility of getting stretchmarks, I also want to give my skin as much hydration and nourishment as possible as it stretches to accommodate the growing watermelon in my belly. I also think there is nothing wrong with using items like tissue oil to potentially prevent stretchmarks. Whatever you want and feel led to! If you’re not phased – also totally okay! Just my little disclaimer here– all bodies are beautiful and stretchmarks have absolutely no influence over that fact.

Anyway, the purpose of todays post is to write down everything I’ve mentioned in this below video: [so if you’re more of a video girl, I got you! Just watch down below!]

Let’s start with body creams:

Firstly I like to have one very cost effective option that I can use in hoards. Two brands that I really enjoy are Mixa and Aveeno. Both of these are available from Clicks or Dischem. Mixa is formulated for sensitive skin and is enriched with oat milk to help soothe. I love that both of these creams absorb super easily, aren’t greasy and leave the skin feeling soft. Added bonus is that the Mixa bottle is a pump making it super easy to use. The 200ml retails for R45,99 and the 400ml is R59,99.

mixa soothing body lotion affordable pregnancy skincare

Applied on: Entire body except face, of course!

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A second favorite of mine is the Avene TriXera NutriFluid Motion (Also available at Clicks, Dischem or Dermastore). Avene is a brand I have known and trusted for ages. Their products are extremely gentle and contain their trademark Eau Thermale Spring water known for its soothing and anti-irritating properties.

Key ingredients include Selectiose, a patented ingredient that helps restore the skin barrier by rebuilding the skin’s natural intercellular cement, preventing water loss. The Lipid Trio of essential fatty acids, ceramides and plant sterols deeply nourishes the skin.

This is safe for use on the face but I only use it on my body personally. I just love that I can trust the safety of Avene products and know I’m getting lasting hydration. The cost is R230 for 400ml so it is more costly when it comes to body lotions.

Applied on: Entire body but focusing on arms and lower legs, especially in summer!

If your skin is super sensitive, I’d recommend trying Avene!

Best preggy massage balm: Theranaka African Earth Body Butter

Before you have a heart attack, by massage I do not mean repeatedly massaging my belly. But rather shoulders, calves, feet, neck and lower back get tense in pregnancy (and in life in general!!) and it’s good to have a nice massage butter. This is actually just a body butter that doubles as a massage butter and is so nice to massage into aching feet, calves etc!

theranaka body butter sincerely blonde

Theranaka is proudly South African and it’s the first product I’ve used from them. The African Earth Body Butter is a rich textured Shea butter infused with Sweet Orange and Jasmine that soothes and relaxes the senses, while deeply nourishing the skin.It retails for R186 so it is fairly priced as well.

Applied to: Calves, feet, shoulders, neck

Looking for a list of Theranaka stockists? Read more here

Keeping the skin exfoliated with Justine Tissue Oil Body Scrub

I’m a huge fan of the Justine Tissue Oil range. Fellow blogger Farieda from F-Squared-the-Blog once told me at an event how big a fan she was of the range. Let’s just say I’m been a convert since then! And the range isn’t just tissue oil itself, but rather they have balms, bars, washes and this heavenly body scrub.

justine tissue oil body scrub

I love the fact that it’s infused with tissue oil (Tissue Oil is one of the key products to help the skin being more elastic in periods of rapid weight gain) but that it’s also a good exfoliator without being overly harsh or overly sticky. I find some exfoliators are super sticky!

The Justine tissue oil is infused with with botanical ingredients such as sweet almond oil, vitamins A & E and wheatgerm oil.

It’s also pretty affordable at R135 per jar- you can check it out on their website here.

Applied to: I scrub my thighs, bum, love handle arm and arms two to three times per week. I gently rub it on my tummy area as well.

The ever important tissue oil – I use either Bio-Oil or Justine Tissue Oil Gold

We all know how much of a valuable role tissue oil plays in scars, stretchmarks etc. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of how it leaves my skin feeling so I only use it a few times per week. And usually at night before bed! Basically tissue oil helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, helping to reduce the possibility of new stretch marks forming. Tissue oil is high in vitamin E which helps to regenerate skin and maintain its elastic properties.

bio oil tissue oil

My personal favorites are Bio-Oil and Justine Tissue Oil Gold. They each come in different sized bottles, getting cheaper per ml the bigger you buy!

Applied to: Torso, boobs, thighs & love handles

And lastly my favorite pregnancy product..Happy Event lotion!

Happy Event is kind of a pregnancy cult favorite.. and after the first time using it I could totally see why! The cream has been around for over 50 years. It’s made with a high concentration of pure olive oil (which contains a lot of vitamins A and E). Vitamin A & E Vitamins help to regenerate the skin and regulate its natural moisturising system, ensuring skin retains its natural elastic properties.

happy event skincare sincerely blonde

It’s also quite affordable – it costs R100 for a 200ml pump bottle. I use this cream twice per day and it really helps to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised without feeling oil at all. An added bonus is that this cream is often on special at Clicks. 

Applied to: Torso, boobs, thighs & love handles

That concludes my roundup! 

Well that about rounds up my pregnancy body care products! At the end of the day, most important is just to keep the skin hydrated as it expands to accommodate your growing little one. And if stretchmarks happen – that’s totally okay! Nothing compares to the little miracle growing inside you!


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