Introducing The GroSnug!

The one thing you learn super quickly when you’re pregnant and start reading all the baby blogs is the benefits of swaddling. Swaddling helps your baby feel safe and secure as they adjust to life outside of the womb. Additionally, when the baby is swaddled it also helps to  prevent them from flailing their arms or her legs, which can trigger her startle reflex. When I heard about the GroSnug, I knew it would be a perfect addition for Baby W and it’s only about two short weeks now until I will use it. How crazy is that!?


The GroSnug is basically a two in one swaddle that is suitable for newborns. The design allows for you to put your baby’s arms either in or out. I love that there is no folding necessary – for a newbie like me, swaddling late at night seems like it could take a while to master. This easy design with a long zip makes swaddling very simple!

ollie the owl grosnug

I have the adorable Ollie the Owl GroSnug.. such a cute design!

The Grosnug is extremely easy to use with no folding needed and a long zip that opens from the bottom for nappy changes. The unique design creates space for Hip-healthy natural leg position.

If you’d like to learn more about swaddling and the benefits, read more on this article.

Key features of the GroSnug:

  • Suitable from birth, Grosnug fits newborns from 2.2 kg to 5.5 kg
  • Machine washable lightweight cotton, ideal for rooms between 21 – 25 degrees
  • Award winning design – reassuringly snug on top, while allowing for a natural leg position on the bottom
  • Officially acknowledged as “Hip Healthy”  by the International Hip Displaysia Institute
  • Can swaddle with arms in or out, for comfortable sleep all night long
  • Bottom zipper opening allows for easy diaper changes
  • Highest quality construction: baby safe YKK zips, Nickel free snaps, and no rough edges


Where to buy the GroSnug?

The GroSnug can be bought through TommeeTippee in South Africa, so you can purchase it either directly online through TommeeTippee or stores that stock their products. Here are a list of local Tommee Tippee retailers.

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